Christopher Proce, PG, CSP

National Director of Energy Services Vice President



Assessment and Remedial Closure of Industrial/Petroleum Facilities

Hydrogeologic Interpretation and Conceptual Model Development

Industrial/Petroleum Facility Divestment and Environmental Liability Transfer


MS, Geology - Wright State University

BS, Geology - Binghamton University

BS, Environmental Studies - Binghamton University

Christopher Proce, PG, CSP

National Director of Energy Services Vice President

Mr. Proce is the Energy Market Leader, Vice President, and Principal Hydrogeologist with over twenty years of experience in environmental assessment, remediation, and risk management. He holds a MS in Hydrogeology from Wright State University and is a Professional Geologist (PG) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP).


Mr. Proce has conducted, managed, or overseen investigations and remediations at many sites located across the US and internationally. Mr. Proce is responsible for the development of long-term remedial strategies and optimization of ongoing operations. Mr. Proce’s areas of expertise include the development of conceptual site models, evaluation of timing and source of contamination, development of assessment and remediation strategies, and the minimization of environmental liability. His expertise extends to the development and evaluation of groundwater and LNAPL analytical models, and is regularly retained to integrate site remediation and redevelopment strategies at industrial and brownfield sites to bring properties to beneficial reuse.

representative projects

Petroleum-Energy Program Manager: Managing the portfolio of remediation projects for major oil and energy companies. Portfolio comprised of over 20 major projects, including oil terminals, power stations, former refineries, service stations, and special assignment projects; with annual spending typically ranging between 15 and 20 million dollars. Responsible for technical team development, implementing programs to satisfy client safety and control system requirements, and overall program management.


Numerous Former NYC Metro Area Refineries: Principal managing large-scale investigations and remediations of numerous former petroleum terminals and refineries throughout the NYC Metro Area for a major oil company. Providing the lead technical role on all elements of the projects, including residual/saturated LNAPL migration evaluations and recovery of accumulations of millions of gallons of LNAPL; groundwater treatment (~1MGD); soil vapor extraction (>10 acres); TSCA PCB remediation; State and USEPA interactions; and emerging contaminants, such as PFAS. Includes turnkey management of a wide range of issues, including consent order negotiation, litigation support, public affairs representation, and stewarding real estate transactions.


NYC Power Stations: Principal managing the investigation and remediation of major energy-generating facilities in the NYC Metro Area. Responsible for the consolidation of historic environmental liabilities by the closure of numerous spills based on negotiations with state regulators. Reduced lifecycle remedial responsibilities and budgets through the development of long-term site management plans.


Expert Reviews: Utilized by a major oil company as an in-house consultant to provide expert reviews of remedial liabilities across the US, Europe, and Australia. Technical evaluations included LNAPL modeling/recovery, bedrock migration assessment, conceptual site model development, PFAS fate and transport, remedial lifecycle liability reduction, and application of SVE technologies.


Brownfields: Principal managing the investigation and remediation of a former industrial property in Glen Cove, New York. Mr. Proce achieved the extraction of the site from existing USEPA oversight by determining a lack of connection to the adjacent Federal Superfund Site. He stewarded the incorporation of the project into the NYSDEC BCP and is actively developing remedial strategies.