Anthony C. Ward, PG

Vice President Principal Geologist


Contact Information

Phone: (310) 879-4900


Location: Long Beach, CA Burbank, CA


Soil/Groundwater Contamination Characterization & Cleanup

CERCLA/Superfund PRP Strategy Development & Support

RCRA Corrective Action Negotiation, Planning & Implementation

Brownfields Redevelopment

Insurance Claim Technical Analysis & Underwriting Support

Groundwater Resource Exploration & Development

Litigation Support


BA, Geology - Occidental College

Anthony C. Ward, PG

Vice President Principal Geologist

Anthony (Tony) Ward is a California Professional Geologist with over forty years of experience in the environmental and water supply fields, serving in technical, client leadership, and management/operational roles. His experience includes groundwater resource development in large basins; soil and groundwater contamination characterization and remediation of diverse and complex industrial facilities; high-level agency negotiations regarding complex matters; property redevelopment; assessment of prospective school properties; and landfill characterizations, closures, and redevelopment.


Tony’s diverse and extensive experience in applied hydrogeology, along with his many years of experience in advocating and negotiating positions on behalf of the regulated community, have been applied in directing the performance of projects and services including CERCLA PRP strategy development, Preliminary Endangerment Assessments (PEAs), Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS), Removal Action Workplans (RAWs), Remedial Action Plans (RAPs), and Remedial Design and Implementation Plan (RDIP) development and implementation.


As a Project Coordinator/PRP group Common Consultant, he is also experienced with RCRA Part B Permit preparation, closure, and post-closure plan development and RCRA Corrective Action strategy, negotiation, planning, and implementation. He is a common consultant to responsible party groups.


With extensive experience in the environmental elements of transactions within the real estate sector, Tony has lead teams in large-scale environmental due diligence for mergers and acquisitions; landfill studies, remediation, closure, and redevelopment; California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and public participation support; and California School Property Evaluation and Cleanup.


Tony has also provided expert witness and litigation support on various environmental and water supply matters, and supported with claims review and underwriting for new policies in the insurance sector.


As a Director Emeritus of the Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA), which he co-founded in 1992, Tony is very familiar with evolving groundwater and environmental issues faced by the regulated community.

representative projects
  • State Superfund Landfill Site, RI/FS/RAP/RDIP Concurrent with Site Redevelopment, Southern California. Principal-in-charge for completing an expedited RI/FS/RAP/RDIP/RA/RACR at a portion of a DTSC-lead, 80-acre inactive Class III landfill, which was an Operating Unit (OU) to a much larger adjoining landfill State Superfund site. The Site was concurrently undergoing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and entitlements for redevelopment. The development is the Porsche Experience Center. Also served as Principal Technical and Regulatory Strategist to complete the project, and as one of the primary coordinators of communications among the site owner, Porsche’s management and design teams, the City, the EIR consultant, DTSC, and other involved agencies. Remedy approval and initial site development activities began in late 2012. Remedial construction was completed in 2016 and Porsche is successfully operating the new facility.
  • Federal Superfund Site, Environmental Support During Entitlements Phase, Southern California. Presently serving as the Principal-in-Charge and providing all environmental support during the entitlements phase for the industrial redevelopment of a substantial portion of a nearly 40-acre NPL site. As part of the overall services, assisting the client with engagement and environmental design negotiations with the USEPA (and USACOE), the PRP Group (and consultant team), DTSC, and other stakeholders. Also assisting the client, in conjunction with outside environmental counsel, with entering into agreements to provide further CERCLA liability protection. The Site features engineered RCRA-equivalent caps, gas collection systems, leachate collections systems, and groundwater and vapor monitoring systems. It also has extensive environmental restriction covenants. Presenting the conceptual environmental designs and strategies for placing a 200,000 sq. ft building on a portion of the remediation systems without incurring liability.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions/Due Diligence/Audits, Multiple Locations. Conducted or directed more than 200 Phase I and Phase II ESAs for/through land developers, property owners, law firms, manufacturing companies, global entertainment companies, lending institutions, hospitals, food companies, utility companies, and oil companies. Among the properties assessed were very high-profile entertainment venues in the United States, a candidate site for an NFL stadium, and facilities that designed and manufactured rocket engines for space exploration.
  • San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site, Technical Report for Compliance with Waste Discharge Requirements, Azusa, California. Directed the preparation of the technical report for compliance with revised California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 15, Article 5, Waste Discharge Requirements related to groundwater monitoring and reporting for the PRP who owned a Class III disposal facility.
  • RCRA Corrective Action Project, San Jose, California. Principal consultant and agency negotiator for a forensic evaluation of the applicability of RCRA Corrective Action requirements and record-keeping for a 5,000-acre former rocket engine research/development/test facility in northern California. This effort resulted in successful resolution of the status concerns with the client and agencies involved. Also, served as principal regulatory and technical strategist/‌negotiator for a final RAP that reduces perchlorate cleanup goals in soil by as much as 50 times the previous goal, and informally adopts a containment zone approach for groundwater, under a joint RCRA Corrective Action and CERCLA program. The strategy incorporated other constituents of concern (COCs), including VOCs, and combined RCRA Post-Closure requirements for various permitted units.