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CSR Spotlight: Long Beach-Cleanup

Posted on November 21, 2019

Members of our Long Beach, California office attended the Dockweiler Beach Cleanup, which was part of Heal the Bay’s monthly Nothin’ But Sand Beach Cleanups. The Roux team picked up two large trash bags worth of waste from the beach. Their most interesting finds included printed Google Map biking directions to Los Angeles Cremation Services, and a trash-ceratops plastic dinosaur. Based on the success of this event, our team is interested in conducting additional beach cleanups in Long Beach!

For those located in the Los Angeles area who are interested in beach cleanups, check out Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit committed to keeping Southern California coastal waters and watersheds—including Santa Monica Bay—safe, healthy, and clean. The organization began pledging to work closely with the local, state, and federal government; industry leaders; and the public, to educate and evolve their understanding of Southern California water quality and environmental responsibility. Today, while still integrally prioritizing water quality improvements, Heal the Bay has expanded its focus to include numerous research efforts, educational initiatives, and community action programs. To learn more, visit Heal the Bay’s website or attend one of their 2020 Volunteer Orientations here.