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CSR Annual Report 2021

Posted on February 01, 2022

“The success of our CSR program starts with leadership and is supported by participation. From the various program coordinators to each participant and contributor, each person decides what role they want to play to help make CSR successful. Leadership for CSR starts from the top. Paul Roux, our founder, is on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations including Pure Earth and the New York League of Conservation Voters, national and regional non-profits who implement solutions against toxic exposure and for clean water, air, and renewable energy. I am a Board Member of Christodora, a non-profit organization that has been serving New York City since 1897 with the sole mission of providing environmental education to underprivileged youth. I also happen to be one of those underprivileged kids that Christodora supported, so I understand the benefits of CSR programs and the causes they support.

As we all navigate new challenges that the pandemic continues to throw at us, I take solace that our people have been able to find time to participate and support their communities. It highlights the importance of the CSR program at Roux and our desire to invest in our people. In fact, as the pandemic continues, we have made the focus on our people even more important.

We have been able to provide mentoring and career growth, while balancing the challenges of a hybrid remote work environment across the firm. We continued to develop our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative with help from a third-party who specializes in DEI consulting—we want our program to be the most comprehensive in the industry. We launched a Women’s Initiative to provide a firm-wide platform for women at Roux to share resources, collaborate, and mentor. As we continue to evolve as an organization, our main focus will still be on our people, as they are the primary driver for our long-term success.”

— Sin Senh, President/CEO