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CFAC – Phase I Site Characterization Data Summary Report

Posted on February 04, 2021
We are no longer accepting public comments on the Phase I Report.

This page contains a Phase I Site Characterization Data Summary Report (“Phase I Report”) prepared by Roux Associates, Inc. on behalf of Columbia Falls Aluminum Company, LLC (“CFAC”). This Phase I Report summarizes the results of an investigation of the soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment conditions at the site.  The report was prepared for CFAC pursuant to an Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent for Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (“Settlement Agreement”) between CFAC and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”). The Phase 1 Report will be followed by additional investigations to complete the Remedial Investigation and an analysis of potential methods to address site conditions, the Feasibility Study.

The Phase I Report is currently under review by both the EPA and Montana Department of Environmental Quality (“MDEQ”) and subsequent versions of the Phase I Report may change or be otherwise altered as a result of that review.

CFAC reserves all rights under the Settlement Agreement and applicable law with regard to the Phase I Report and materials or matters contained or referenced therein.

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