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Published Article – Groundwater Forensics Approach for Differentiating Local and Regional Springs

Posted on November 18, 2020

Groundwater Forensics Approach for Differentiating Local and Regional Springs in Arid Eastern California, USA

Written by Adam Love, Ph.D. of Roux & Andy Zdon of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Does your work require understanding water resources for management and optimization goals? Identify the source of water being extracted? Roux’s Adam Love, Ph.D. just co-authored an article published in Environmental Forensics, summarized below, that outlines an overall methodology to help address some of these difficult technical issues.

Increasing water resource demands are requiring forensic techniques to be applied in order to understand water sourcing and the impacts of water resource extraction. While this publication demonstrates the benefits of groundwater forensics using multiple lines of evidence for Eastern California, the overall approach has much wider applicability for source water forensics worldwide. While investigations typically strive to identify specific groundwater flowpaths, in complex groundwater flow regimes such flowpaths often have large uncertainties and the most important elements for forensic sourcing of water resources often arise from understanding the actual water characteristics themselves.

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