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Andy Zdon Interviewed on KPFK’s Creative Frontline

Posted on April 03, 2024

Roux’s Andy Zdon was interviewed by Robert Lundhal, filmmaker and journalist, on the radio series “Creative Frontline” aired on KPFK 90.7 FM. This series involves discussions with thought leaders and extraordinary individuals on the frontline of climate change. “It’s a surprisingly rewarding journey, as the desert itself puts biodiversity under a microscope,” shared Andy.

Interview topics included:

  • Andy’s beginnings as a geologist
  • The basics about desert springs: What they are and how they are categorized
  • Hydrology around desert springs
  • How springs are monitored
  • Effects of groundwater pumping on springs
  • Climate change effects on desert springs
  • Cultural aspects, and the consideration of long periods of time when studying springs

This interview was broadcast as two half-hour segments. To listen to Andy’s interviews, please listen directly below or click the links: Part 1 & Part 2.