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AIHA Connect: Natalie Fox to Teach Professional Development Course

Posted on May 16, 2024
Professional Training Course

A Gentle Approach to Radio Frequency for IHs

Presenters: Natalie Fox, CIH, CSP & Richard Murphy, CIH, CSP, CLSO, CHMM
Saturday, May 15 at 8am-5pm EDT

In advance of the upcoming AIHA Connect Conference (Monday, May 20 – Wednesday, May 22) for occupational and environmental health and safety scientists in Columbus, Ohio, Roux’s Natalie Fox will be teaching a professional development course alongside Richard Murphy at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. This course offers 7 CM credit hours, covering radiation, risk assessment and management, and toxicology.

This PDC is designed to make radio frequency (RF) more approachable for IHs who may not have a strong background in physics. RF plays an increasingly significant role in our daily lives. It is crucial for IHs to understand this subject enough to bring a scientific perspective where needed. This course will take a step-by-step approach to introduce RF principles. Examples and practice exercises along with an Excel RF calculator will demonstrate the math involved with RF. The 7-step process for evaluating an RF source is represented by the acronym PANCAKE: Parameters, Absorption, Near/Far Fields, Continuous/Pulsed, Antenna of Interest, Keep-Out Zone, and Exposure. Additional course topics include: a) the significance and aesthetics of RF; b) RF safety program components; c) Periodic Table of RF; d) RF health issues; d) transmitters, conductors, antennas; e) RF controls; f) RF exposure standards; g) RF surveys; and h) survey meters. Read more and register here

Tuesday, May 21 Natalie Fox will also be moderating a session on Research Roundup Hazard Recognition/Big Data from 2-3pm, alongside authors Sebastien Gagne and Jo Anne Balanay MOH, PhD, CIH. This entails two presentations, Biological Monitoring of Volatile Biomarkers and Comparison of WBGT App and WBGT Monitor to Assess Heat Stress Risk, including topics on Computer/Mobile Apps and Tools, Hazard Recognition/Exposure Assessment, Sampling and Analysis, and Toxicology. Learn more