Ecological Services

Roux specializes in the management, design, and implementation of Ecological Assessment and Mitigation projects.

Roux provides a full range of services from initial site assessment, to development of mitigation design, through to construction oversight and monitoring, ensuring overall project success. We have expertise in a variety of environments ranging from freshwater wetlands and tidal wetlands to riparian ecosystems—including sustainable shoreline stabilization design—to grassland and woodland habitats.

Roux staff develops mitigation plans designed to use and promote the growth of native vegetation, incorporating varying hydrologic zones that in turn support a diverse array of plant communities and wildlife. Roux also routinely works with clients to obtain certification of projects from the Wildlife Habitat Council, a national organization focused on habitat conservation and management through business partnerships and education. The Roux team has several professional certifications, including Professional Engineer (PE), Certified International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Arborist, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), and Certified Wetland Delineator.

Ecological Services:
  • Wetland Delineations, Evaluations, and Monitoring
  • Land Use Permitting
  • ArcGIS Mapping and Data Analysis
  • Habitat Assessments
  • Vegetation and Wildlife Inventories
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment (SLERA)
  • Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment (BERA)
  • Rare, Threatened, and Endangered (RTE) Species Surveys and Management Plans
  • Invasive Species Surveys and Management
  • Sediment, Surface Water, and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
  • Benthic Inventories
  • Hydrologic Studies
  • Habitat Certification
Ecological Services

Landfill Closure

Chemical Company; Virginia

Roux designed a cost-effective, alternative landfill cover and leachate treatment system for a multi-national chemical company. Key design elements included: Constructed Treatment Wetlands (CTW) for pH neutralization and metal removal from leachate and a Phytotechnology cap in place of the traditional RCRA cap to capture stormwater runoff.

Ecological Services

Tidal Wetland Remediation & Restoration

Metals Manufacturer; New York

Roux completed a multi-phase investigation, demolition and remediation project at a 50-acre former metals manufacturing site. Roux implemented remedies for environmental impacts at the site including dredging/stabilization and onsite disposal of sediment; capping of fill material/bank stabilization; installation of a new storm water drainage system and restoration of wetlands.

Ecological Services

Municipal Landfill Transformation

Former Municipal Landfill; New York

Roux designed the transformation of an island with an 80-acre former municipal landfill into rare maritime grassland habitat. The design provides diverse nesting habitat for avian species, coastal dune habitat, and bioengineering elements to stabilize the island’s severely eroded shoreline. The island received a 15-foot storm surge during Hurricane Sandy with no erosion or loss of vegetation.

Ecological Services

Sustainable Slope Stabilization

Major Petroleum Company; New York

Roux designed a bio-engineering (i.e., mixture of hard amoring and native riparian vegetation) slope stabilization solution for an eroded shoreline of a former municipal landfill along the Buffalo River.

Ecological Services

Stormwater Treatment Facility Design

Metals Refinery; Texas

Roux designed a multi-faceted Engineered Natural System (ENS) to minimize annual costs for stormwater control at an ore refining and metals processing facility. The treatment system includes sedimentation trenches, an 8-acre constructed treatment wetland and vegetated bioswales to treat stormwater runoff, plus an additional 8-acre phytoremediation sprayfield to consume the effluent and promote zero discharge.