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Featured Proj-CMP-Air Permitting Overhaul

Air Permitting Overhaul

Roux Associates completed an extensive air permit audit and emissions inventory that was conducted for a complex metal alloy manufacturer. The purpose of the audit was to inspect equipment and review permit information, develop an up-to-date inventory of air emission sources onsite, and evaluate compliance with provisions of air permits and applicable (New Jersey and US EPA) air quality regulations. Our findings indicated that for the facility to achieve compliance, numerous revisions to existing air permits and applications for several new permits were needed. A final audit report is being prepared.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Roux strongly encourages employee involvement in charitable activities. The CSR program directs financial donations and coordinates volunteer activities to established charities aligned with the goals of bettering the community and conserving natural resources. Over the last five years, Roux has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of volunteer time to charitable causes.

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Careers with roux

Our best product is the smart and creative thinking that we provide. We continually challenge our professionals with new opportunities in a supportive, healthy, sustainable and safe environment. Roux constantly seeks out talented and motivated engineers, scientists and support personnel with backgrounds in environmental engineering, earth sciences and civil and chemical engineering.

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