CSLI, Town of Brookhaven, and Fabien Cousteau Host The Great Brookhaven Cleanup

Saturday, May 20 Roux will partner with Coastal Steward Long Island (CSLI) and the Town of Brookhaven for The Great Brookhaven Cleanup, with special guest Fabien Cousteau! The event takes place at the Marine Environmental Stewardship Center in Mount Sinai from 9am-1pm. At 10am, Fabien Cousteau will give a brief presentation, followed by questions from the press.

Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, has carried on his grandfather’s legacy as an aquanaut, oceanographic explorer, documentary filmmaker, and environmental advocate. As of recent years, Fabien spends much of his time working with local communities and children worldwide to help restore local water ecosystems as a member of multiple cause-driven and charitable boards. Last year, he founded The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, focusing on Public Awareness (SEE), Education (LEARN) and Special Projects (DO). Some of these activities and initiatives include coral reef restoration programs, sea turtle restoration programs, and educational resources that can be utilized for elementary grades to the university level, as well museum programming.

To read more about this event and Fabien Cousteau, click here.

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