Roux’s Marc Scarcella to Speak at the Perrin Asbestos Defense Strategic Summit

Wednesday, November 9, 2016  Marc Scarcella, Economic and Complex Analytics (ECA) Practice Area Leader at Roux Associates, will be a panelist presenting on November 9th  at the Asbestos Defense Strategic Summit in New Orleans, hosted by Perrin Conferences. He will be speaking in the session entitled “NYCAL and Madison County: Asbestos Worlds unto Themselves.” Click below to review the conference agenda. To read more about Marc Scarcella and the ECA practice click here.




Ride with Roux at the ADA Tour de Cure

Saturday, June 18 The 25th Anniversary of the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure is this year—join the Roux team, form your own team, or ride alone to pedal toward a cure for diabetes. Though the cause of diabetes is unknown, Type 2 diabetes appears to be related to genetics, along with environmental factors like obesity and lack of exercise. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95% of all diagnosed cases.

Long Island’s Tour De Cure offers a number of options. Whether you’re looking for a friendly bike ride or a competitive long-distance race, you’ll help to raise funds, raise awareness, and raise your own heart rate. Click here to learn more about the event, which begins in Calverton Executive Airpark, NY.

To view, join, or donate to Roux’s T1 Team click here. Last year we had 25 cyclists, over 20 volunteer team members, and raised more than $30,000!

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2015 Members of Roux’s T1 Team

Protect and Maintain Institutional Controls with Nationwide 811 One Call Program

One of Roux’s clients experienced a breach of their engineered cap because both the excavation contractor and property owner were not aware of the existing cap prior to the work. This occurrence caused our client to be out of compliance with state regulations, which could have led to unwanted penalties. Following this incident, we were called to assist our client with initiating and monitoring an 811 One Call Program to protect their site.

The requirement of “Call Before you Dig” or the “811 One Call Program” is a common practice throughout the country.  Any party planning on performing intrusive activities (e.g., drilling, excavation, etc.) needs to enter the activity into the 811 system to ensure nearby underground facility owners are notified.  The utility owners physically identify their utilities prior to the proposed activity date.

This is important because without proper notification, intrusive work can cause the following issues in these areas:

  • Equipment can contact underground remediation systems.
  • Excavation work can breach a cap or other engineering controls.
  • Unknowing third parties can potentially be exposed to contamination or activity can exacerbate cross contamination.
  • Environmental work being completed by third parties as part of ongoing claims or PRP disputes can put a client at risk without advance notice.

Roux Associates has successfully implemented an advance warning program through the use of the 811 One Call Program for projects where portions of the site are managed or owned by a third party, and where the client retains environmental responsibility and liability. By helping our clients to initiate and monitor the program, we aid in preventing any possible intrusive work consequences.

The first step would be to:

  • Enroll your site/property as a utility or facility owner into your state’s Call Before You Dig – 811 One Call Program.
    • The cost of the program is very inexpensive and is based on the number of notices occurring within the designated area.
    • The entire site or a portion of the site that needs to be monitored for third party activities can be enrolled into any state program.

Once enrolled in the program:

  • Each intrusive activity called in by contractors will result in a notification ticket sent to the project manager in advance of the work being completed.
    • Not only does this protect the client from intrusive activity, but it can also inform the managing consultant of a potential breach of deed restrictions or other property covenants.

Roux can assist you with setting up the program and monitoring to ensure you are alerted of any intrusive or third party activity in advance.  If you would like to learn more about the 811 One Call Program, or would like to have Roux enroll you in the program, please click the button below.

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