The Most Toxic Town in the World – Visited by Jack Caravanos

Kabwe, Zambia is the world’s most toxic town according to pollution experts. Fumes from a large state-owned smelter that closed in 1994 produced lead levels that are as much as 100 times the recommended safety levels, damaging the organs of generations of children and affecting thousands of people every day. The effects of lead poisoning cannot be reversed, including brain damage, paralysis, blindness, and death.

“It is shocking to think that we are here in 2017 and that problem we have known about for decades is still here,” said Jack Caravanos, an environmental health professor at New York University and advisor to Pure Earth. Fortunately, two years ago, non-profit organizations like Environment Africa and Pure Earth began to clean up homes using workers from the community, targeting the most polluted homes first and replacing their yards with clean soil. In addition to the ongoing work from these organizations, a new $65MM project for Kabwe and three other copperbelt mining areas would offer constant medical surveillance and treatment programs to anyone with high blood lead levels, pending its approval. Caravanos believes that though Kabwe may never be a lead-free town, it can be a lead safe town. Click here to read more on this story from The Guardian.

Successful Coastal Steward Long Island Field Trip

Monday, June 13 The Deer Park High School Life Skills class took a field trip to the Marine Environmental Stewardship Center (MESC) at Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai for a fun and enlightening day of marine education, led by members of the non-profit organization Coastal Steward Long Island (CSLI). The class took part in many of the education programs offered by CSLI, including discovering/identifying marine organisms on the beach, using seine nets to collect and observe ocean life, touring the shellfish hatchery and the MESC, interacting with the MESC’s touch tank, and taking a nature walk.

Deer Park’s students and teachers loved their informative day at the beach, and CSLI’s marine educators look forward to the next opportunity to share their knowledge and resources with Long Island students. Click here to read more about this field trip, and find out more about CSLI’s education programs here.

Coastal Steward Long Island

Coastal Steward Long Island

Coastal Steward Long Island

CSR Spotlight: Planting Justice

Planting Justice is an Oakland-based charity that is simultaneously working toward food justice, economic justice, social justice, and environmental justice by building community gardens throughout the Bay Area and creating green jobs with living wages in low income neighborhoods. These community gardens are used to grow fresh, nutritious, organic produce for the community and teach gardening skills to anyone who wants to get involved. To date, they have built over 400 edible permaculture gardens in the Bay Area.

Their Rolling River Nursery in East Oakland is where they grow many of their starter plants which are distributed to the community gardens or are sold to help fund their operations. In May of 2017, volunteers from Roux Associates’ Oakland office gathered at the Rolling River Nursery to help them prepare for the summer growing season by transplanting a variety of seedlings, rooted stem cuttings, and starting new plant propagations from stem and cactus cuttings.

We were guided by an enthusiastic garden-guru named Joe who was eager to teach us about the many plants they grow at the nursery. He also taught us numerous gardening skills including how to graft fruit trees to maximize fruit production. Volunteering at Planting Justice was a rewarding experience and provided a great team-building opportunity for our office. Planting Justice is doing wonderful things for our community and we look forward to future CSR events with them.

L+M Site Wins 2017 Big Apple Brownfield Award

Award Winning Brownfield Cleanup Project

149 Kent Avenue; Brooklyn, New York

149 Kent Avenue

We are pleased to announce that the 149 Kent Avenue Site was presented the 2017 Big Apple Brownfield Award for Innovation by the New York City Brownfield Partnership. Roux is the environmental consultant for this 40,000-square-foot property located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Site housed a former rail terminal turned storage warehouse and required extensive remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compound (CVOC) impacted media to accommodate development of the 7-story, mixed-use commercial and residential building and underground parking garage.

Of the 42,000 tons of soil removed and disposed of off-site during construction, about 5,200 tons were classified as CVOC hazardous waste. The innovative treatment of CVOC-impacted groundwater was accomplished by injecting a zero valent iron (ZVI) permeable reactive barrier beneath the southwest portion of the property. The project team successfully remediated the property through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Brownfield Cleanup Program and in accordance with the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation E-Designation placed on the Site. Additional members of the 149 Kent Avenue Site team include L+M Development Partners Inc. (Project Sponsor), Congress Builders LLC (Builder), GF55 Partners (Architect of Record), Global Design Strategies (Design Architect), Sive, Paget & Riesel P.C. (Environmental Attorney), and Rodkin Cardinale P.C. (MEP Engineer).

BASF and Girl Scouts Support Native Wildlife One Bee at a Time

A group of Girl Scouts from several troops in Virginia recently took part in a pollinator project hosted by BASF Corporation on their property in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The girls started the day with an educational session about the different types of native bees and the important role bees play in today’s food supply. Per the Ecological Society of America and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, about one out of every three mouthfuls of food that people eat and beverages that people drink are delivered to them by pollinators.

With help from Kathryn Sommo, a Senior Scientist with Roux Associates, Inc., a BASF contract partner, the group then installed cavity-nesting solitary bee houses in an adjacent native wildflower meadow. BASF also provided the girls bee houses to take home and install in their yards to encourage the population growth of native solitary bees, such as mason and leafcutter bees. The girls also learned about ways to educate others in their communities to help grow native bee populations by growing food in gardens and planting native wildflowers.

Girl Scouts have a long history of inspiring girls to develop a lasting commitment to the environment by promoting activities that focus on care, conservation, and responsibility. Through relationships, such as the one with BASF to help protect bee populations, Girl Scouts cultivate a lasting appreciation for their environments and native wildlife.


Senior Engineer Positions Available

Multiple Roux offices are seeking Senior Engineers with environmental consulting experience to support the office on-site remediation, engineering design, and environmental compliance related projects. Project management, staff development, and business development will be key responsibilities in the role, which provides an opportunity for growth into a Principal level position. The ideal candidate will be motivated to develop and build on these skills to assist with the growth and success of their office. We offer a friendly, professional atmosphere with excellent benefits and a salary commensurate with experience.

Click here to read our Senior Engineer job descriptions for our offices in Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and view more featured jobs. To apply, click the button below:

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