• Sustainable Solution for Water Management

    Public Utility; San Jose, California

    Roux Associates developed a multi-purpose solution for a California Public Utility to manage (treatment and recharge) high rate blow off from water supply wells, but also manage stormwater runoff from the facility’s parking areas. The solution incorporated subsurface detention and high rate filtration through a vertical upflow filter, ultimately resulting in recharge of the aquifer with clean water in a water scarce region.

  • Automated pH Adjustment System

    Mineral-based Specialty Ingredients; Illinois

    Roux Associates was retained as the design/builder of an Automated pH Adjustment System to treat combined storm, process, and sanitary sewer water prior to discharging to the local POTW. The system is capable of treating an average flow of 150 gallons per minute (GPM) with a peak flow of 600 GPM during storm events. The project involves: demolition of the existing pH adjustment system; installation of new sewers, manholes, and a lift station; a 35’ x 50’ treatment building with associated utilities; and the installation of the new Automated pH Adjustment System with an overhead steel platform.

  • Ocean Breeze Park

    NYC Dept. of Parks & Rec.; New York

    The 110-acre Ocean Breeze Park was selected as one of eight city parks to participate in PlaNYC for enhancing the sustainability and improving public parks for New York City. Roux Associates prepared engineering designs to sustainably manage stormwater runoff from the developed areas of the park utilizing a treatment wetland and bioretention rain gardens.

  • Sustainable Stormwater Management

    Metal Smelter; Iceland

    Roux Associates designed and installed an Engineered Natural System (ENS®) to treat stormwater runoff from a 200-acre metal smelter. The ENS® collects stormwater runoff from production/industrial areas and provides pretreatment via vegetated bioswales and engineered soil profiles. Water is then conveyed to two stormwater treatment wetlands for detention and treatment prior to discharge to the fjord.

  • NMF for PCB Removal

    Metals Fabrication Facility; Indiana

    Roux Associates designed and constructed vertical flow compost based natural media filters (NMF) for the removal of low-level PCBs and TSS from facility stormwater. NMF technology treats stormwater to meet the stringent PCB discharge limit, saving 86% in capital cost and 90% in annual operating cost over conventional treatment alternatives.

  • Utility Infrastructure Improvements

    Utility Provider; Illinois

    Roux Associates evaluated over 15,000 linear feet of aging storm sewer conveyance system throughout the 50-acre active facility to assess inflow and infiltration of shallow PCB-impacted groundwater. Over 800 linear feet of PVC storm sewer pipe and 1,700 linear feet of Cast-In-Place Piping (CIPP) was installed. In addition, Roux designed and constructed two oil-water separator (OWS) systems to increase stormwater treatment capacity in order to meet a stringent PCB discharge limits. A 25,000 gallon OWS unit and a 50,000 gallon OWS unit were installed with a combined flow rate of 7,500 gallons per minute.

Additional Projects