• State Superfund Site-Remediation/Redevelopment

    Corporate PRP; New York

    Approximately 50,000 tons of non-hazardous waste was excavated and removed from this State Superfund site. Radioactive waste was segregated for separate disposal. C&D debris was recycled instead of constructing a more costly and restrictive landfill cap. The remediation made available an additional 12 acres for unrestricted commercial development, consistent with the Long Island Coastal Zone Management Plan.

  • Industrial Landfill Superfund Closure

    Manufacturer; New York

    Roux Associates closed a 25-acre State Superfund site in Syracuse, New York. Services included: remediation of adjacent wetlands; definition of landfill gas conditions; alternative cap design to reduce costs; construction management; and reporting. Roux devised alternate regulatory protocols and deliverables to greatly accelerate the design schedule to meet client objectives.

  • Industrial Landfill Closure

    Chemical Company; Virginia

    Roux Associates designed a cost effective alternative landfill cover and leachate treatment system for a multi-national chemical company. Key design elements included: Constructed Treatment Wetlands (CTW) for pH neutralization and metal removal from leachate and a Phytotechnology cap in place of the traditional RCRA cap to capture stormwater runoff.

  • BROS Superfund Site

    PRP Group; New Jersey

    Roux Associates implemented a $15 million RI/FS program at a landfill in New Jersey. As part of the final remedy, Roux designed a 20-acre alternative phytotechnology cover system, dramatically reducing leachate generation and saving millions of dollars over other possible remedies.

  • Alternative Landfill Cover

    Manufacturing Facility; New York

    Roux Associates designed a NYSDEC-approved alternative cover for a nine-acre industrial landfill which met landfill closure regulations (6 NYCCR Part 360) at greatly reduced cost. The cover vegetation includes native species to promote ecological diversity and create a valuable wildlife habitat currently used as part of the Corporate Lands for Learning TM program.

  • Landfill Leachate Treatment

    Active Landfill; California

    Roux Associates designed, permitted and installed 1,700 hybrid poplars at an active sanitary landfill to consume an estimated 30,000 gallons of leachate per day. The tree plot is a sustainable approach for leachate management that provides passive and low cost treatment and eliminates the need for an on-site treatment plant or trucking of leachate off-site.

Additional Projects