CSR Spotlight: Record Year for NY 7th Annual Fundraiser

The New York office hosted our seventh annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (ACS) this year; we selected this charity because the battle against cancer is ongoing for many of our friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones of all ages.

The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 and has since been removing barriers to quality health care by providing transportation to treatment and other cancer-related appointments, access to lodging for patients seeking treatment away from home, and cancer education and screenings—overall averting 2.1 million cancer deaths since 1991.

This year’s event was the most successful one to date! More than 120 people attended and took part in our raffles. Because of the overwhelming generosity of our employees, friends, and family, we raised over $16,000. All proceeds from this record year will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you to all who participated and donated to this cause for making this year’s event a groundbreaking success for our firm and our CSR team. To donate to the cause, visit the ACS website at the link above.

American Cancer Society Fundraiser

Roux Health and Safety Newsletter: Issue 13, 1Q

As environmental consultants, it is our goal to provide the highest quality environmental services to our clients. In order to provide the best service, it is paramount to ensure the continuing health and safety of our employees and subcontractors. The health and safety success of our team assures the success of our projects. At Roux Associates, we are dedicated to promoting a positive safety culture in the field, within our offices, and throughout our personal lives.

In our quarterly newsletter below, some of our Roux staff members highlight safety tips and protocols on the following subjects:

  • PPE: What to Consider
  • The Flu
  • Noise Exposures
  • Walking on Slippery Surfaces

Roux Scientific Study Cited in California Press Release

Monday, April 16 United States Senator of California, Dianne Feinstein, cited a peer-reviewed article coauthored by Roux’s Adam Love, Ph.D. in a press release early this week. Dr. Love’s article, coauthored by Andy Zdon and M. Lee Davisson, discusses the state-wide impacts of California’s water sources. This article, entitled “Understanding the source of water for selected springs within Mojave Trails National Monument, California,” evaluates spring flow through an integration of published geologic maps, measured groundwater levels, water quality chemistry, and isotope data compiled from both published sources and new samples collected for water chemistry and isotopic composition.

Roux has a limited number of article downloads; please click on the button below to request a complimentary copy.

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Roux Recruiting: University of Arizona

Monday, April 9 – Friday, April 13 The University of Arizona‘s Earth Week kicked off this week, featuring keynote speakers, student presentations, and additional conferences recognizing earth science. Roux is sponsoring three of The University of Arizona’s events: GeoDaze 2018SWESx, and El Día del Agua y la Atmósfera. These events allow graduate and undergraduate students to showcase their research, spur new collaborations, and gain professional experience and feedback from professionals.

In addition, members of Roux’s Long Beach, California office will be recruiting at the school on Thursday and Friday. To learn more about the university’s Earth Week events, click on the links above or see all events here.

University of Arizona Earth Week

Latest News: The Opioid Crisis

Opioid Epidemic America

Evidence of the opioid crisis’ effect on human health is shockingly apparent in two recently released Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports. According to the reports, for the past two years the opioid epidemic has led to a decrease in life expectancy in the United States. This decrease in U.S. life expectancy is in sharp contrast to a continued increase in life expectancy for people of other developed nations around the world. From 2000-2016, more than 600,000 people in the U.S. died from opioid-related drug overdoses.

In 2018, we have begun to see the opioid health crisis morph into a rapid rise in opioid-related lawsuits as U.S. states, cities, and municipalities have filed suits against pharmaceutical companies, distributors, pharmacies, and doctors. Much like tobacco litigation, state attorney generals and other public officials have partnered with plaintiff law firms to initiate this litigation. To date, over 100 states, cities, and counties have filed lawsuits against various players of the opioid industry.

With this type of activity, policyholders and insurers with exposure to the risk of opioid litigation may want to take proactive measures to examine and evaluate their relative risk to these opioid lawsuits. For more information and resources, please view our Opioid Epidemic page.

Complimentary Roux Webinar: Avoiding Surprise—Unregulated Chemicals and Risk

Avoiding Surprise—Unregulated Chemicals and Risk

Tuesday, April 10th • 12:00pm (EST) • Adam Love, Ph.D. and Catie Boston

Adam Love, Ph.D. Catie Boston RouxScience often struggles to keep up with the pace of industry. It can take decades to adequately identify, research, and understand exposure/risks to chemicals. Just because the chemicals are not regulated does not ensure they are without liability. Often, public perception of risk is ultimately what matters most. Dr. Love and Ms. Boston will provide a background on unregulated chemicals, risk assessment/toxicology, and will discuss how lack of regulation makes managing risk more difficult for industry. Relevant issues on this topic will be discussed by pulling examples related to perchlorate, 1,4-Dioxane, PFAS, sulfolane, and capsaicin. Finally, recommendations will be provided as to how industry can proactively mitigate potential risk posed by unregulated chemicals.

To register, please click on the button below:

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