Adam H. Love,


  • Vice President
  • Principal Scientist

Dr. Love has over 15 years of experience in environmental engineering, contaminant forensic signature identification, litigation support, and contaminant transport assessment and remediation. Dr. Love has provided strategic and technical review, guidance regarding site activities at numerous CERCLA sites, litigation support on numerous complex environmental matters both private party and CERCLA/RCRA sites. He has also provided expert technical guidance for state legislative actions and federal advisory panels on a range of traditional and non-traditional environmental hazards.

Dr. Love is a leader in the use of advanced models and methods to understand and interpret contaminant characterization, transport, and fate for a range of applications such as environmental forensics and liability allocation. He employs multiple lines of scientific evidence through analyses that couple field measurements, fate and transport calculations, and historical operations/documents providing internally consistent results. Dr. Love is experienced in creating and evaluating Site Conceptual Models based on an understanding of environmental and engineered systems that involve a wide range of matrices (i.e. soils, sorbents, air, natural waters, constructed materials, and biological tissue), including numerous sites where contaminant releases impact proximal water bodies.

Representative Projects

  • Development of Chemical/Isotopic Fingerprints Related to Origin: Develops and validates new chemical/isotopic fingerprint strategies and well-as utilizes peer-reviewed techniques. Experience with numerous approaches: intended chemical markers and additives, chemical component ratios, degradation analysis, isotope analysis, biomarkers, isomers/congener analysis.
  • Chemical Fate and Transport Modeling: Conducts analyses using a variety of industry-accepted approaches, including analytic solutions and numerical models MODFLOW, MT3D, HYDRUS, BIOCHLOR, CAMEO/ALOHA, CALPUFF, HPAC. Determine aqueous and/or atmospheric plume migration exposure duration and magnitude.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparation and Response: Provides technical guidance and operational plan reviews for responding to WMD events. Technical guidance includes emergency response, site characterization, WMD forensics, site remediation, fate and transport, site closure. One of team leads in development of DHS Federal facility restoration guidance document for critical infrastructure.
  • Used Oil System of Collection and Recycling: Expert knowledge of used oil collection, transport, and recycling. Developed a report for State of California on how to improve the state’s used oil recycling. Provided testimony to CA State legislature on proposed used oil recycling incentive bills. Key technical contributor to stakeholder discussion on ongoing CalRecycle efforts for additional used oil recycling improvement.
  • Cyanobacteria Algal Bloom Toxins: Part of USEPA expert panel on cyanobacterial algal toxins regarding their transport, persistence, and environmental fate. Evaluated the critical parameters for providing a realistic assessment of toxin exposure, potential impact, and steps for mitigation.

Representative Expert Designations

  • Donegan vs. Stubblefield. Rene C. Davidson Alameda County Courthouse. RG12628426. Deposition July 26, 2013.* Trial August 8, 2013*.
  • Searles Valley Minerals Operations Inc. vs. Advanced Steel Recovery Inc. et al. California Ninth District. Central District Court. 5:2010cv01403. Deposition January 25, 2012.*
  • Orange County Water District vs. Sabic Innovative Plastics U.S. LLC, et al. Superior Court of the State of California in the County of Orange. Case No. 00078246.
  • Union Oil Consolidated Coverage Cases. Los Angeles Superior Court. Case No: BC 271474.
  • Menasha Corporation vs. Employers Insurance of Wausau, et al. Circuit Court of Winnebago County, WI. Branch 5, Case No. 07-CV-1406.
  • Shirley Lynn Stanley, et al. vs. Rawl Sales & Processing, et al. Circuit Court of Ohio County, WV. Mingo County Civil Action No. 08-C-69.

Selected Publications and Proceedings:

  • Kuo, I-Feng; Grant, C.; Gee, R.; Chinn, S.; Love, A.H. (2012) Determination of the Surface Effects on Sarin Degradation The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 116 (17), 9631–9635.
  • Love, , A.H.; Bailey, C.G.; Hanna, M.L.; Hok, S; Vu, A.K.; Reutter, D.J.; Raber, E. (2011) Efficacy of Liquid and Foam Decontamination Techniques for Chemical Warfare Agents on Indoor Surfaces. J. Hazardous Materials. 196; 115–122.
  • Watson, A; Dolislagerd, F.; Raber, E; Hall, L; Hauschild, V.D.; Love, A.H. (2011) Developing Health-Based Pre-Planning Clearance Goals for Airport Remediation Following a Chemical Terrorist Attack: Decision Criteria for Multipathway Exposure Routes. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 17(1) : 57 – 121.
  • Love, A.H., M.L. Hanna, P.R. Coronado, J.G. Reynolds (2005) Engineering surface functions groups on silica aerogel for enhanced cleanup of organics from produced water. Separation Science. 40:311-320.
  • Love, A.H., Vance, A.L., Reynolds, J.G., Davisson, M.L. (2004) Investigating the affinities and persistence of VX nerve agent in environmental matrices. Chemosphere. 57: 1257-1264.
  • Love, A.H., J.R. Hunt, J.P. Knezovich. (2004) Improving Tritium Exposure Reconstructions Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 379(2): 198-203.
  • Love, A.H., J.R. Hunt, J.P. Knezovich. (2003) Use of Carbon-14 and Tritium in Tree Rings to Reconstruct Tritium Exposure at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Environmental Science and Technology. 37 (19): 4330.
  • Love, A.H., B.K. Esser, J.R. Hunt. (2003) Reconstructing Contaminant Deposition in a San Francisco Bay Marina. Journal of Environmental Engineering. 129 (7):659.
  • Post Doctorate
  • Forensic Science Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
    Livermore, CA
  • Ph.D., Environmental Engineering
  • University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • M.S., Material Science and Mineral Engineering - Hydrogeology
  • University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • B.A., Geoscience
  • Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Areas of Expertise
  • Environmental Forensics (Identifying Sources and Timing of Chemical Releases)
  • Petroleum (Crude Oil, Diesel, Gasoline), Solvents (PCE, TCE, TCA, 1,4 dioxane), Pesticides, PCBs, Radionuclides, and Heavy Metals
  • Contaminant Fate and Transport in Soil, Water, and Air
  • Hydrogeology and Water Resource Assessments
  • Apportionment of Contamination Between PRPs
  • Environmental Characterization, Chemistry, and Remediation
  • Chemical/Isotopic Fingerprinting
  • Environmental Data Analysis