Dry Cleaners

Sub-Slab Venting System

Roux Associates designed, constructed and is operating and monitoring an Active Sub-Slab Venting System to remediate chlorinated solvent contaminated soil.  Due to limited space, the system was designed to operate from the rooftop of the shopping center.  The site is about to be closed through the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program.

In-situ Solvent Remediation

Roux Associates cleaned up this site which had been impacted by chlorinated solvents from a dry cleaner. Based on the data provided by Roux, the site was accepted into the NYSDEC’s Brownfield Cleanup Program. Remediation, which included in-situ enhanced anaerobic biodegradation, was successful and the NYSDEC issued a Certificate of Completion for the site.

DNAPL & Groundwater

Roux Associates successfully remediated DNAPL and groundwater contamination at a former dry cleaner allowing continued use of all site buildings including an elementary school and apartments. Remediation included: air/liquid-oxidant injection; groundwater re-circulation; and soil vapor extraction. Roux efforts kept the site out of the Public Involvement Plan program, increasing speed and reducing costs.

Dry Cleaner Remediation

Roux Associates designed and is currently implementing an innovative remedy using pneumatic fracturing and atomized injections of Zero Valent Iron and Emulsified Vegetable Oil to remediate a chlorinated solvent groundwater plume and Soil Vapor Extraction to remediate unsaturated soil.  Work is being conducted within framework of the New Jersey Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA).