• Landfill Cap Design

    Manufacturing Company; New York

    Roux Associates provided remedial design and construction management services to cap and close an industrial landfill (state superfund site) and to remediate adjacent wetlands impacted with lead. Roux achieved substantial reductions in project costs by obtaining variances on typical cap design, eliminating leachate control requirements and minimizing required wetlands remediation and restoration.

  • BROS Superfund Site

    PRP Group; New Jersey

    Roux Associates implemented a $15 million RI/FS program and installation of a 13,000 foot long drinking water supply main at the BROS Superfund Site. As part of the final remedy, Roux designed a 20-acre alternative phytotechnology cover system, dramatically reducing leachate generation and saving millions of dollars over other possible remedies.

  • Site Remediation

    Chemical Company; Delaware

    Roux Associates designed and operated 12-well groundwater intercept and treatment system for a VOC plume 1.6 miles long by 0.5 miles wide. The system was successful at treating the plume to drinking water standards and the USEPA has approved complete shutdown of all 12 interceptor wells. Roux is currently remediating another portion of this site that is also contaminated with a VOC plume.

  • Groundwater Remediation

    PRP Group; New Jersey

    Roux Associates was retained to reduce the projected time to complete groundwater remediation at this Superfund site. Roux successfully optimized operation of the existing system, installed a phytoremediation plot, and added an in-situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) program. Projected time to complete remediation was reduced from 18 to 5 years with a cost savings of $9 million.

  • Industri-Plex Superfund Site RI/FS

    PRP Group; Massachusetts

    The Industri-Plex Site was listed No. 5 on the original NPL. Roux Associates collected over 2,000 soil samples and hundreds of water samples, among many other tasks, to evaluate this large and complex site. Roux demonstrated the technical impracticability of pump-and-treat and proposed a natural attenuation approach which was accepted by EPA.

  • Applied Environmental Services

    PRP Group; New York

    Roux Associates conducted the RI/FS at this Superfund site on Long Island. The remedial approach originally proposed by the regulatory agencies was excavation and off-site disposal at a cost of over $100 MM. Roux was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of an in situ remedial approach for both contaminated soil and groundwater, which was eventually accepted by the agencies, with an estimated cost of less than $5 MM.

Additional Projects