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Roux Associates has supported more than 45 national, international and regional insurance carriers in their efforts to fairly evaluate costs and liabilities related to environmental investigations and remediation activities due to claims brought by their insureds.

Our experience in performing environmental investigations and clean-ups for both Fortune 100 clients and independently owned companies provides us an informed basis to evaluate environmental costs. We use the experience and knowledge we gain from competitively bidding these projects to fully understand the cost implications associated with an environmental insurance claim. Our staff is highly qualified, having the knowledge of the insurance, financial, and environmental issues that exist for a complex claim.

Our ongoing work at contaminated properties throughout the U.S. and internationally provides us with valuable, front-line knowledge regarding clean-up trends and technologies. All our environmental consulting work, whether for a major oil company, small business or insurance carrier, is focused on one goal: obtain regulatory closure for the site as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

As a result of this thinking, more than 25 policyholders have hired Roux as their own consultant after we reviewed data submitted as part of a claim. These policyholders, as well as their insurance carriers, recognized the quality of our service. Our areas of service to insurance carriers include:

    Environmental Claims Evaluation
    • Since 1997, Roux has been providing national, international and regional insurance carriers and their outside counsel with technical environmental support as they settle and resolve claims for environmental contamination of both owned and non-owned properties.
    Environmental Underwriting Support
    • Roux supports the insurance industry with underwriting and loss control expertise for various pollution policies.
    Remedial Oversight
    • Roux's oversight services focus on interlocked aspects of an environmental projects: Project strategy and quality, and project costs.
    “Take Over” of Remediation Projects
    • For our insurance carrier clients and their policy holders, Roux has "taken-over" remediation projects where either remediation costs have spun out of control or previously submitted remediation plans have been rejected by environmental regulators.
    Expert Witness Services
    • Roux has provided expert witness services for our insurance clients for over 20 years. Our experts have testified at trial and dispute resolution hearings across the country and internationally. We have provided opinions on issues related to damages, fate and transport, and historical knowledge.
    Oil Spills and Related Claims
    • Roux has been retained by U.S. and international insurance carriers to provide incident investigation and cost containment services related to oil spills and other environmental releases. We provide cost analysis and have served as an expert witness in both domestic and international litigation and dispute resolution proceedings.
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Insurance Services

Portland Harbor Superfund Site

Insurance Carrier; Oregon

Roux Associates was retained as a technical expert regarding environmental damages resulting from historical and ongoing operations at over 70 properties within a Superfund site along the Lower Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. For this project, Roux has evaluated millions of dollars in technical defense costs in support of the claim analysis.

Insurance Services

Oil Pipeline Release

International Carriers; Michigan

The Enbridge Energy Pipeline release in 2010 discharged approximately 819,000 gallons of crude oil into a wetland and the Kalamazoo River. Roux personnel were on-site within days to investigate the cause of the release. This was the largest inland oil spill in US history with response costs exceeding $1 billion. Roux analyzed and categorized costs for insurance claim evaluations.

Insurance Services

Expert Witness

Electric Mutual Liability; Multiple Locations

Roux Associates was retained as an expert witness regarding the timing of PCB deposition in the Hudson and Housatonic Rivers. Much of the timing analysis for the two rivers was based on Cesium-137 data collected by USEPA, historic aerial photos, sediment cores and recent dredging data. The case settled after submission of Roux’s expert reports.

Insurance Services

Cost Evaluation & Apportionment

National Insurance Carrier; Washington

Roux Associates is assisting a national insurance carrier by conducting an evaluation of environmental costs and liabilities at the Port of Seattle's historic Terminal 91 and Smith Cove. Our efforts have included review of past environmental response costs, identification of Responsible Parties from the Terminal's 120 years of operation, and allocation of investigation and remediation costs amongst the responsible parties.

Insurance Services

Former Dry Cleaner Remediation Project

Real Estate Developer; New Jersey

Roux Associates designed and is currently implementing an innovative remedy using pneumatic fracturing and atomized injections of Zero Valent Iron and Emulsified Vegetable Oil to remediate a chlorinated solvent groundwater plume and Soil Vapor Extraction to remediate unsaturated soil. Work is being conducted within framework of the New Jersey Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA).