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What's New at Roux? Our Growing Litigation Practice

Posted on November 08, 2018

Roux’s experts routinely evaluate complex technical issues in the context of litigation, formulating expert opinions for presentation in reports, depositions, and trials.

Our Litigation Practice continues to expand—with more testifying experts who are well-versed in human health exposure, ecological assessment, insurance litigation, economics valuation work, bodily injury, and natural resource damages, among numerous topics. We’re also hosting more Roux complimentary webinars as well as CLE webinars that are directly relevant to environmental legal professionals.

“Not only do we have more people doing expert work, but it’s expert work in a much broader spectrum.”
– Vice President and Litigation Practice Leader, Dr. Adam Love

Roux has increased our number of experts with testifying experience, including Kelly Coulon, Sin Senh, and Dr. Chase Gerbig. Ms. Coulon’s expertise includes the recovery of past environmental response costs, cost categorization, and chemical fate and transport. Mr. Senh’s expertise includes groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport modeling using analytical and numerical models, cost allocation/categorization, environmental due diligence, and disposal of contaminated materials. Dr. Gerbig’s expertise includes apportionment of liability and cleanup costs among PRPs, evaluation of remediation compliance with NCP and State Programs, and assessment of the necessity and reasonableness of past/future remediation costs.

For more information on our Litigation Practice experts, please click on the links above or browse our Litigation Practice page

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Upcoming Events & Roux Webinars

DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar
Thursday, November 8 – Friday, November 9
Marc Scarcella, ECA Practice Leader & Principal Speaking

Strafford Webinar: Marshalling the Divisibility Defense to CERCLA Liability: Apportionment – Is the Harm Distinguishable?
Tuesday, November 13 at 1PM EST
Presented by Adam Love, Ph.D., Vice President & Principal Scientist of Roux and William S. Hatfield, Director, Environmental of Gibbons

How Much Did You Say Nature is Worth? – Monetizing the Environment and Natural Resources*
Tuesday, November 27
Presented by Ryan Stifter, Director & Senior Economist
Solid Waste Regulations*
Thursday, December 13
Presented by Charlie McGuckin, P.E., Vice President/Principal Engineer
*Registration links to follow