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Smarter, Faster Evaluation of Environmental Claim Costs

Posted on November 19, 2018

Save Time and Money with Automated Invoice Workflow

Evaluation of past costs is a major undertaking for many cost recovery cases, especially if the claim is not well-documented. Manually entering data from thousands of invoices to evaluate, categorize, and allocate past costs is archaic and inefficient. To reduce turnaround times and to meet increasingly demanding schedules, Roux now leverages artificial intelligence algorithms and invoice processing software to automate data recognition and extraction from invoices.

Over the past 30 years, Roux has evaluated thousands of environmental claims and billions of dollars of invoices while constantly evolving to incorporate the latest available technologies. By utilizing various cutting-edge applications, data entry times and the associated costs have been reduced by upwards of 30% the cost categorization phase of many projects. Automation of data entry sets Roux apart with the ability to scale up and process tens of thousands of invoices under one roof. Moreover, transposition errors resulting from manual data entry are eliminated and potential transcription errors are automatically flagged for human verification, increasing the accuracy of the final work product. Ultimately, this advanced approach results in a smarter, faster, and more efficient evaluation at a lesser cost to you. To learn more, please click here.