Oil Refinery Remediation & Compliance

Major Petroleum Company; New Jersey


Our firm is providing remedial services and environmental compliance at a ~288-acre former refinery, 210 acres of which are a functioning mid-stream storage facility, to satisfy New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) requirements. Roux acts as the owner’s Engineer and proves cost-effective and regulatory compliant solutions for this complex historical site. Remedial actions include the design of caps, excavations, and system installations; optimization of several light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) recovery systems and programs; and closure of several ineffective systems installed by the previous consultant. Roux also provides air permitting and compliance services.

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Bayonne, NJ


Major Petroleum Company

Roux Services

LNAPL Recovery System/Program Optimization

System Closure

Air Permitting

Cap Design

Excavation Design

System Installation Compliance