Michael Ritorto, P.G.

Principal Hydrogeologist Office Manager


ContacT Information

Phone: (631) 232-2600

Email: mritorto@rouxinc.com

Location: Islandia, NY


Remedial Investigations at Superfund Sites

Petroleum Investigations and Recoverability Assessments

Hydrogeologic Evaluations including Slug Testing, Aquifer Testing, and Baildown Testing


M.S., Geology - University of Florida

B.S., Environmental Geology - University of Michigan

Michael Ritorto, P.G.

Principal Hydrogeologist Office Manager

Mr. Ritorto is a Professional Geologist with over ten years of experience in environmental site assessment and remediation. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Geology from the University of Michigan and an M.S. in Geology from the University of Florida. He is currently a Principal Hydrogeologist for Roux Environmental Engineering and Geology, D.P.C. and manages the operations of the New York headquarters. Mr. Ritorto’s areas of expertise include development, implementation, and management of comprehensive site investigations; completion of hydrogeologic evaluations including slug testing, aquifer testing and baildown testing; and investigation of petroleum-related contamination including volume and transmissivity evaluations. Mr. Ritorto has conducted, managed, or overseen investigations at numerous sites located in the tri-state area and across the country, including multiple EPA Superfund sites.

representative projects
  • Project manager for an ongoing remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) at a 1,300-acre former aluminum smelter site in Columbia Falls, Montana. Developed an RI/FS work plan in accordance with USEPA Superfund guidance. Also prepared a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). Successfully implemented a $3 million remedial investigation including completion of approximately 135 soil borings; installation of 44 monitoring wells; and collection of approximately 700+ soil samples, 100 surface water samples, 25 sediment samples, and 240 groundwater samples.
  • Project manager of a multi-million gallon release of petroleum hydrocarbon product from a former refinery and petroleum storage terminal in Brooklyn, New York. Responsibilities included design and implementation of remedial investigations, including preparation of work plans, summary reports, remedial IRM, and AAR reports. Daily management responsibilities included scheduling/management of field crew consisting of more than 10 engineers/geologists, management of annual budget of exceeding $20 million, and communication with regulatory agencies.
  • Managed multiple LNAPL transmissivity and recoverability studies at various sites in New York. Applied various techniques including use of recovery system operational data, baildown testing, and dye tracer testing. Calculated in situ petroleum volumes using spreadsheet methods and LDRM modeling software.