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B.A, Corporate Finance - University of North Texas

Kevin Johnston, CHMM


Mr. Johnston is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) with over twenty years in the field of environmental assessment, remediation, risk management, and emergency response, and over ten years in environmental insurance providing loss control and pollution incident services.


He is currently a Director for Roux (2019-present). Since joining Roux, Mr. Johnston continues to provide loss control services to insurance carriers, as well as evaluate complex insurance claims and provide support to claims negotiations and settlements. He is involved in the field management of ongoing site remediation projects.


Mr. Johnston’s areas of expertise include underwriting loss control (casualty, general liability, products, products pollution, pollution legal liability, and fleet); site remediation activities; health & safety; investigation and remediation cost review; and allocation of cost between time frames, parties, or sources of contamination.

representative projects
  • Senior Risk Consultant providing loss control services for underwriters and policy holders. Assessments were completed for in excess of 1,500 accounts.
  • Project Manager for site remedial activities at a brownfield property on the Near South Side of Chicago. Project involved the excavation and off-site disposal of more than 60,000 cubic yards of impacted soil. Concrete pads were demolished and then crushed on-site, with the resulting aggregate used as back fill material. Half of the overall site has been redeveloped, occupied by Goode Stem Academy High School.
  • Project Manager for a brownfield redevelopment project on the Near South Side of Chicago with responsibility for all subsurface and ground contact activities (installation of piers and foundations, utilities, and site grading) in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Site for the construction of a Home Depot store.
  • Project Manager for initial emergency response and subsequent remedial activities at Terra Nitrogen ammonium nitrate plant explosion in Port Neal, IA. A seven story process building was completely destroyed along with significant damage to most structures at the facility. Two 15,000-ton refrigerated ammonia storage tanks were ruptured. Work at the Site included initial containment and control of products and raw materials; and decontamination and asbestos abatement of impacted structures, equipment, and process lines, along with all infrastructure damaged or destroyed in the explosion. Additional activities included construction of new holding/evaporation ponds; draining and remediation of preexisting ponds impacted by explosion debris and ACM pipe insulation; demolition of impacted structures; relocation of storage tanks throughout the facility using air skirts; and impacted soil excavation.
  • Project Manager for initial emergency response and subsequent remedial activities associated with an explosion at an IMC Fertilizer-operated (Angus Chemical, owner) nitroparaffins plant in Sterlington, LA. Site activities included initial entries into the impacted area to search for survivors, retrieve casualties, and assess damage and the environment. Subsequent activities included removal of all products, intermediaries, and raw materials from vessels and piping; decontamination of structures, equipment, and piping; and retrieval of escaped liquids, excavation of impacted soils.
  • Project Manager for mercury decontamination and subsequent demolition of an ITT pump and valve manufacturing facility in Chicago, IL. In situ soil remediation (26’ bgs) to address chlorinated solvent contamination completed the project.