Joshua Levine, P.E.

Principal Engineer


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Location: Islandia, NY


Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Design of Soil, Soil Vapor, and Groundwater Remediation Systems

Subsurface Piping Networks Design

Free-product and Groundwater Recovery Systems Design

Sub-slab Depressurization Systems Design

Landfill Caps Design


B.S.E., Environmental Engineering - Tulane University

Joshua Levine, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Joshua Levine is a registered Professional Engineer with over nineteen years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. Mr. Levine has been supervising the investigation and remediation of Brownfield Sites in New York City over the past eleven years and prior to that, conducted remediation design and supervision of remedial actions for industrial and petroleum industry clients across the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the United States. Mr. Levine has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Tulane University.


Mr. Levine has supervised remediation and closure of sites in the New York State Brownfields Cleanup Program, State Superfund Program, Spills Program, New York City Voluntary Cleanup Program, and E-designation Program. In addition, Mr. Levine has designed, supervised, and certified the implementation of dozens of soil, groundwater, and soil vapor remedies within the New York City metropolitan region, working with federal, state, and local regulators, real estate developers, and environmental attorneys to successfully navigate the regulatory process and complete the remediation of contaminated sites in a cost-effective and timely manner. Mr. Levine has managed USEPA Class V injection well closures and Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and has designed and installed soil, soil vapor, and groundwater remediation systems, subsurface piping networks, free-product and groundwater recovery systems, sub-slab depressurization systems, and landfill caps.

representative projects
  • Engineer of Record responsible for the investigation and remediation of a 7-parcel waterfront development on the East River in Astoria, New York. Select parcels are enrolled in the New York State Brownfields Cleanup Program (BCP) and New York City Office of Environmental Remediation E-designation and Voluntary Cleanup Programs (VCP). The Site was historically occupied by various commercial and industrial establishments including Manufactured Gas Plants (MGPs), a lumber company, iron works, and a coal-fired electric generating station. Remedial actions include excavation of soil and rock, installation of a vapor barrier, and installation and maintenance of a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS). Roux began providing services to the project in 2013 and the project is expected to run through 2030 with sequential remedial action and development of the remaining parcels. Once completed, the Site will consist of a mixed use development with housing (both affordable and market-rate), retail, a waterfront esplanade, and parking.
  • Responsible for managing the investigation and remediation of several portions of a 3-acre BCP Site in Long Island City, New York. The Site was formally used for the manufacturing and storage of disinfectants, soaps, and pesticides. This project included due diligence environmental investigations (on-site and off-site) that identified a large creosote plume beneath portions of the Site and 45 subsurface vaults/kettles, which contained chemicals used for the manufacturing of disinfectants, soaps, and pesticides. Mr. Levine managed an in situ waste characterization sampling program and implementation of a Remedial Action Work Plan, which included the removal and closure of the 45 subsurface vaults/kettles contents and structures, excavation of soils below grade, and soil management, design, installation and operation of a recovery well and an in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) program utilizing alkaline-activated Persulfate.
  • Engineer of Record responsible for the investigation and remediation of a 1.5-acre site located in the Hudson Yards District in Manhattan, New York. The Site is enrolled in the New York State BCP and is implementing a Track 1 Unrestricted Use Cleanup to remove hazardous mercury and lead-contaminated soil from a former hatters’ fur processing factory.
  • Responsible for the investigation and remediation of a one-acre brownfield site containing chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, and petroleum compounds in soil, soil vapor, and groundwater over one city block in Manhattan, New York. This project included the implementation of a remedial investigation and completion of a Track 1 unrestricted use remedy through the New York State Brownfields Cleanup Program. Mr. Levine managed a groundwater, soil, and soil vapor investigation and documented this work in a Remedial Investigation Summary Report less than one week after receipt of the analytical data. In addition, Mr. Levine prepared and submitted a BCP Application to the NYSDEC within this same time frame that generated over 35 million dollars in tax credits. Due to careful attention to detail throughout the process and correspondence with the NYSDEC, the BCP Application was deemed complete one day after it was submitted, expediting the process to conduct the investigation and remediation within the BCP.