Franz Hiebert, Ph.D., P.G.

Principal Geologist


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Location: Houston, TX


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Ph.D., Geology - The University of Texas at Austin

M.A., Geology - The University of Texas at Austin

B.A., History and Science - Harvard University

Franz Hiebert, Ph.D., P.G.

Principal Geologist

Dr. Hiebert is a registered Professional Geologist in Texas with over twenty-five years in environmental assessment, remediation, and risk management. Dr. Hiebert has broad experience in environmental science, policy, state government, and technology development. He is recognized as a thought-leader in environmental strategy and actions that embrace principles of sustainable development.


Dr. Hiebert is currently a Principal Geologist for Roux. Prior to Joining Roux in 2019, Dr. Hiebert was the Director of Oil and Gas for Cocolevio (data analytics and machine learning), Principal with Zephyr Environmental, Senior Partner with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), and Senior Consulting Scientist with RMT.


For the State of Texas, Dr. Hiebert served three terms as Chairman of the Texas On-site Waste Water Treatment Research Council (appointed by Govs. George W. Bush and Rick Perry). He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Environmental Science Institute of the University of Texas, and The Devils River Conservancy.

representative projects
  • Program Manager for a portfolio of environmental liabilities at former petrochemical facilities. Developed the strategy for each site and managed multiple projects to meet safety, financial, and technical goals of the client’s corporate policy and federal/state regulations. Budgets were proposed and managed on an annual basis.
  • Consulting Scientist for the Col-Tex State Superfund site in Texas. Led research and field work demonstrating that arsenic in groundwater was naturally occurring and not the result of industrial impact. Designed investigation, field implementation, and prepared reports and publications documenting results.
  • Program Director and Senior Scientist designing and implementing feasibility studies of natural attenuation as a remediation mechanism for hydrocarbon and solvent-impacted groundwater at 30 different sites for seven clients. Used state-of-the-art techniques to measure key parameters that reflect in situ aquifer geochemical environment, microbial population, and microbial degradation capacity. Prepared study reports to present a complete picture of natural attenuation feasibility to the regulatory community. Performed modeling to predict effectiveness of natural attenuation and recommended enhancement scenarios when appropriate. Contaminants included chlorinated ethenes/ethanes and BTEX.
  • Project leader for the redevelopment of a former refinery into a 15MW utility-grade renewable energy facility, with mixed wind and solar power generation. Responsible for project strategy, financial and technical planning, and implementation of a four-phase feasibility and design program.
  • Confidential Clients: Haynesville, Barnett, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Bakken. Led team in design and execution of regional water studies in support of shale development. Scope included evaluation of water supplies from surface water, groundwater, and available wastewater in each play. Regional water use and resource information was gathered from local, state, and federal sources to identify readily accessible and available water supplies for oil-field operations. Where groundwater was a viable source, local aquifers were evaluated for supply and disposal options. Applied hydrogeology and technical approaches were utilized to demonstrate whether withdrawals for shale gas development might impact local groundwater use and supply. Applicable regulations were considered to identify potential cost and feasibility of handling and disposal of saline wastewaters.
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