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CSR Spotlight: Napa Valley Ragnar 2018

Posted on December 14, 2018

Determined runners from several of our Roux offices gathered in San Francisco to race the 2018 Napa Valley Ragnar. The Ragnar race is a ~200 mile relay that begins on a Friday in San Francisco, runs through the night, and finishes Saturday afternoon in Napa Valley, so each runner takes on multiple legs of the relay. Ragnar has partnered with Girls on the Run Sonoma CountyLifehouse, and Ainsley’s Angels, and the race raised over 2.3 million dollars last year.

Our team started out with 12 runners and some could not complete the race due to personal reasons—leaving the longest 13 mile leg of the race still to go. The Roux team refused to give up, dividing the long leg among three runners, and ultimately completing the race with only 9 team members thanks to their determination and persistence.

One of the team captains, Adam Love, shared his experience:

“What started as a difficult task got progressively harder as the race progressed—both as we got more tired and the miles necessary to run got longer. Through it all there were no complaints and no negativity—just strategizing and problem solving among all the team members about how we could band together to still get to the finish line. We all shared parts of the heavier load and were still able to laugh about our dilemma and enjoy still being in it.”

Each member of the Roux team demonstrated their grit during this race, and we’re proud to have such tenacious workers on our side both on the racetrack and in the office.