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Ash Pond Newsletter: Continuing Effects of Hurricane Florence

Posted on October 05, 2018

Ash Pond Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 2

After Hurricane Florence officially made landfall on Friday, September 14, the floodwaters continued to rise in the days and even weeks after the large rainfall. The rising water led to the weakening of ash pond embankments and flooding atop closed ash ponds.

Elevated river levels and floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence are now subsiding and the potential risk for additional environmental impact is diminishing. Hurricane Florence demonstrated how easily susceptible these coal ash ponds are to failure after a large storm.

The PDF below encompasses a collection of ash pond news from the last two weeks. The intent of the newsletter is to summarize news regarding ash pond closure activities, lawsuits filed against utilities relating to their ash ponds, as well as regulatory changes impacting ash pond operations or closures. This issue also highlights the continuing impacts due to Hurricane Florence. In the future, this newsletter will be distributed on a monthly basis.

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