USEPA Proposes New Rules for Hazardous Waste Management

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is proposing two new hazardous waste rules. One of the proposed rules will ban the flushing of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals by healthcare facilities. The other rule changes the requirements for labeling of hazardous waste and emergency planning and preparedness.

According to the USEPA, the proposed hazardous waste pharmaceuticals rule is intended to make drinking and surface water safer and healthier by reducing the amount of pharmaceuticals entering waterways. By banning healthcare and other facilities from disposing of pharmaceuticals down the sink and toilet, the USEPA projects the proposed rule will prevent the flushing of more than 6,400 tons of pharmaceuticals annually.

USEPA’s proposed generator rule is intended to enhance the safety of facilities, employees, and the general public by improving labeling of hazardous waste and emergency planning and preparedness, and provide greater flexibility in how facilities and employees manage their hazardous waste.

To view the USEPA’s Announcement regarding the new rules, click here.