• Underground Storage Tank Closure

    Transit Authority; New York

    Roux Associates oversaw the closure of 26 underground storage tanks (USTs) ranging in size from 1,000 to 15,000 gallons at LaGuardia Airport. Products stored consisted of gasoline, diesel fuel, and waste oil. Tasks included contractor oversight, collection of post excavation soil samples, installation of temporary monitoring wells and groundwater sampling.

  • Stewart International Airport

    Real Estate Developer; New York

    Roux Associates conducted an investigation at this 2,500-acre airport, including: a geophysical survey; soil and groundwater sampling; landfill gas sampling; and preparation of a GIS-compatible site base map. Investigated areas included: former airplane hangars; vehicle maintenance areas; former USTs; oil/water separators; sewage sludge disposal areas; a transformer building; and a 20-acre landfill.

  • Site Investigation & Remediation

    Railroad; New York

    Roux Associates conducted a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) at this 100+ acre rail yard. Remedial actions included the design and construction of an extensive Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction (DPVE) system to recover PCB-contaminated free product. Roux’s analytical and modeling work limited cleanup requirements for both soil and groundwater, saving several million dollars.

  • Remedial Investigation & Feasibility Study

    Rail Yard; Texas

    Roux Associates’ investigation at this facility, active since 1887, included: soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment sampling; aquifer testing; soil vapor extraction pilot testing; and development of a three-dimensional flow model. The use of 36 extraction wells for groundwater containment and treatment by air stripping were a major part of the remedy.

  • Clarifier Closure

    Major Airline; California

    Roux Associates closed a concrete-lined clarifier with four compartments that handled wastewater from a major airline facility. The work included: sludge/fluid evacuation; characterization; disposal; concrete coring; drilling; and collection of soil samples to demonstrate that the clarifier had not leaked, as well as, report preparation.

  • Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action

    Former Bus Garage; New Jersey

    Roux Associates conducted a soil and groundwater investigation to delineate the extent of petroleum contaminants on a historic bus garage property. The investigation included cone penetrometer and x-ray fluorescence equipment for soil, in addition to groundwater sampling. Remediation included optimizing the existing product extraction system, hot-spot soil excavation and injections of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO).

Additional Projects