Petroleum Energy

Portfolio Acquisition/Divestiture Due Diligence

Roux has provided environmental due diligence services to support the acquisition / divestiture of hundreds of petroleum facilities, including service stations and terminals, throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States. Roux provided the client with strategic insights for developing and managing the overall project and for quantifying the potential liabilities at each site.

Storage Terminal Remediation

Roux Associates managed all assessment and remediation work at an active 850 acre bulk storage terminal / former refinery in Rhode Island including development of cost-effective, risk based remedies for all impacted media. Key elements include: a pump and treat containment system; a constructed treatment wetland; in-situ waste stabilization; and a phytotechnology cover system.

Oil Refinery Compliance & Remediation

Roux Associates is providing environmental compliance and remediation services at a 130-acre refinery to satisfy the New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) requirements. A Roux Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) is overseeing the work, including design, installation and operation of an LNAPL recovery system, soil excavation and removal and required permitting and compliance.

Oil Terminal & Refinery Remediation

Roux Associates is managing the remediation of multi-million gallons of separate-phase product at 59-acre former terminal and refinery. We have designed and implemented cutting-edge remedial technology for contaminant capture, extraction and treatment including three-dimensional modeling, soil vapor extraction, and recovery of over 8.4 million gallons of separate-phase product.