Northwest Remediation Conference Featured Presentation by Adam Love

On Tuesday, October 4 Roux’s Adam Love, Ph.D. presented at the Northwest Remediation Conference in Seattle, Washington. The conference’s educational sessions covered three topics: Remediation Technologies & Techniques, Science & Regulation, and Brownfield Redevelopment. Love spoke at the conference under the topic of Technologies & Techniques, in a presentation entitled “The Role of Environmental Forensics.” Sophisticated analytical methods for identifying different types of environmental contamination were addressed in this presentation, followed by how contaminant “fingerprinting” could lead to:

  • Finding a contaminant’s original source;
  • Identifying potentially responsible parties;
  • Supporting site investigation; and
  • Supporting regulatory and legal proceedings.

Presented by the Northwest Environmental Business Council and the Washington Dept. of Ecology, the Northwest Remediation Conference is a technical conference that brings cleanup professionals, regulators, and public sector property owners together to share knowledge, best practices, build relationships, and foster partnerships.

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