Shoreline Stabilization

  • Municipal Landfill Transformation

    Former Muncipal Landfill; New York

    Roux Associates designed the transformation of an island with an 80-acre former municipal landfill into rare maritime grassland habitat. The design provides diverse nesting habitat for avian species, coastal dune habitat, and bioengineering elements to stabilize the island’s severely eroded shoreline. The island received a 15-foot storm surge during Hurricane Sandy with no erosion or loss of vegetation.

  • Former Metals Manufacturing Site

    Metals Manufacturer; New York

    Roux Associates completed a multi-phase investigation, demolition and remediation project at a 50-acre former metals manufacturing site. Roux implemented remedies for environmental impacts at the site including dredging/stabilization and onsite disposal of impacted sediment; capping of fill material; shoreline bank stabilization; installation of a new stormwater drainage system and restoration of tidal wetlands.

  • Sustainable Slope Stabilization

    Major Petroleum Company; New York

    Roux Associates designed a bio-engineering (i.e., mixture of hard amoring and native riparian vegetation) slope stabilization solution for an eroded shoreline of a former municipal landfill along the Buffalo River.

  • Bulk Oil Storage & Distribution Marine Terminal

    Oil Terminal; New York

    Roux Associates successfully managed a large scale dredging, excavation, bank restoration/stabilization, and phytoremediation installation project at a bulk storage and distribution terminal located on the Hudson River. Following dredging and excavation, the shoreline was restored to original grade using armor stone.

  • Bank Stabilization & Land Use Permitting

    Manufacturing Facility; New Jersey

    Roux Associates stabilized a shoreline along the Delaware River that had eroded 100 feet inland to within 50 feet of a hazardous waste impoundment. An evaluation determined that an engineered rip rap revetment was the most cost effective and permanent bank stabilization solution. A 440-foot Rip Rap revetment was designed, permitted and installed.

  • Industrial Landfill Superfund

    Superfund; New York

    Roux Associates designed and constructed a cap for closure of a former industrial landfill containing waste china and molds. One major element of the landfill cap design was the stabilization of the slopes adjacent to restored wetlands. The slope design incorporated a series of terraced drainage swales interconnected with down chutes to prevent erosion thereby protecting the wetlands habitat.

Additional Projects