Saving Money With Environmental Due Diligence

“Saving Money With Environmental Due Diligence”
N. Ram and G. Gann, CryoGas International

Rules and regulations that govern how we use our natural resources have been with us for many years.  As a society we no longer take clean air, clean water, or clean land for granted. Many of the now-known environmental problems associated with certain industrial and business practices, however, are not discovered until a company is ready to buy or sell a property. For this reason, environmental due diligence has taken its place alongside financial due diligence in real estate transactions. CryoGas International invited two industry experts to explain this process to our readers.  Neil Ram is a Vice President of Roux Associates, an environmental consulting firm that offers services in site investigation, remedial design and construction management, litigation support, regulatory compliance, and hazardous waste clean up. Gary T. Gann is General Counsel for Matheson Tri-Gas and has been involved in environmental due diligence relating to acquisitions within that company.

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