• Chlorinated Solvents Remediation

    Electronics Manufacturer; Taiwan

    Roux Associates designed, installed and operates a remedial system to address groundwater contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) across an 18-acre site in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Using enhanced reductive dechlorination, which stimulates naturally occurring microbes to degrade CVOCs in an anaerobic environment, 96% of the CVOC mass has been removed after five years.

  • Groundwater Remediation

    Chemical Company; Delaware

    Roux Associates designed and operated 12-well groundwater intercept and treatment system for a VOC plume 1.6 miles long by 0.5 miles wide. The system was successful at treating the plume to drinking water standards and the USEPA has approved complete shutdown of all 12 interceptor wells. Roux is currently remediating another portion of this site that is also contaminated with a VOC plume.

  • Keystone Enterprise Industrial Park

    Chemical Manufacturer; Indiana

    Redevelopment was conducted by Roux Associates for a portion of the industrial park. Roux guided remedial activities that included focused soil and groundwater source remediation via soil excavation of greater than 15,000 tons of soil, ex-situ soil treatment, and in-situ chemical reduction groundwater treatment along with institutional controls through the IDEM Voluntary Remediation Program.

  • Multi-Phase Remediation Site

    Oil Terminal; New York

    Roux Associates is managing the remediation of a large former terminal. We have designed and implemented cutting-edge remedial technology for contaminant capture, extraction and treatment including three-dimensional modeling, soil vapor extraction, and recovery of separate-phase product.

  • Demolition & Site Remediation

    Former Los Angeles City Oil Field Property; California

    Roux Associates remediated a property within the boundaries of the Los Angeles City Oil Field, formerly occupied by six active oil wells, various residences, and construction storage companies. Investigations included soil, soil vapor, and soil stockpile sampling to determine remaining contamination. Remediation included removal of soils from ten excavations in areas impacted by lead and petroleum hydrocarbons. The remedial work was under the strict oversight of California State agencies, and the property was re-developed into a high school.

  • Former Dry Cleaner Remediation

    Former Dry Cleaner; Northern New Jersey

    Roux Associates remediated a former dry cleaner site which was previously undergoing an ineffective remediation for over 10 years under the direction of another consultant. Roux developed and implemented a cutting edge remedial program utilizing pneumatic fracturing using the injection of Zero-Valent Iron (ZVI) and Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO) to remediate groundwater and saturated soil, and using Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) to address unsaturated soil impacts. Roux was successful in alleviating the existing liability, while at the same time providing the Client with significant cost savings.

Additional Projects