Recruiting @ Roux: The Other Side of the Interview

Prior to arriving at a job interview, many questions can cross your mind…

– What exactly is the company looking for?
– What should I prepare?
– How should I answer the questions?
– What is the company really like?

And the list can go on. So we sat down with Brian Woods, Director of Recruitment, and asked him for his thoughts and opinions about Roux and what he looks for in a candidate. This inside knowledge may benefit you when seeking a job in the Environmental Consulting field and better prepare you for an interview.

Q: What are the goals of our Environmental Consulting Firm?

A: Our goals are to help our clients with their environmental liabilities and to provide an atmosphere where people can earn a living, develop their professional skills, and grow their career.


Q: What type of people should apply?

A: Any environmentally inclined person or someone interested in the environment that has a degree in a related science or engineering discipline.


Q: What do you look for in a candidate? Are there any specific qualities you are looking for?

A: Yes. Beyond the degree and what school you attend, we try and identify qualities that can eventually attribute to becoming a Principal for the firm. We look for a great work ethic as a key characteristic. Also, someone who is organized, detail oriented, and has great communication skills.

Candidates should think about providing examples that show how they have managed tough situations whether at school, in an internship or work experience. We want to get a sense of ambition, initiative, and that they have a sense of business.


Q: What makes a strong candidate?

A: When considering a candidate, I ask these questions;

• How would this person make Roux better?
• What skills and technical knowledge can they bring that they can put to use at Roux?

If I can answer these questions strongly, then I look to see if the candidate is inquisitive about our industry and Roux, and if they have the ability to have a good “give and take” when discussing them. Providing specific examples of their academic and work experiences and being able to relate them to what we do is another example of a good candidate attribute.


Q: Why should people apply to work at Roux?

A: Working at Roux provides an opportunity to solve the most difficult environmental problems for a wide variety of clients. If you’re a problem solver, then Roux is a good fit for you. For people who have decided to become engineers, scientists and geologists, if their goal is to be challenged and work on those types of projects then Roux is a company that provides a great career.


Q: Do you find that new hires are happy joining Roux? What type of feedback do you get?

A: Roux is a place that is welcoming, challenging and very rewarding. Roux gets entry-level staff involved with many responsibilities early in their careers. People are happy because they feel included from the first day. The feedback that I hear is that this type of work atmosphere is not found in most firms. The best part about Roux is its cooperative nature; we are a company that has a family feel.


Q: What does it mean to be a part of Roux Associates?

A: You would be a part of a nationally known environmental management and consulting firm working on projects for Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, insurance companies, and real estate developers. You would be able to build a career and develop relationships within the industry.


Q: What advice would you give someone before they go in to be interviewed?

A: Some students will say, “I wrote this paper or I took this class…” to highlight their interest in the field. But in order to exhibit the attributes we are looking for, they should take the next step and say something like, “My thesis was on this topic because…” They should give the reasoning why they chose to do something. Or tell us how you went about completing an assignment. This would show the critical thinking and communication skills needed to be successful. Be prepared to provide examples and the background story to each situation. We want to see that creative critical thinking process and how someone has solved problems, and we’d like to see if this can be communicated accordingly.

Also, do your homework! Look up the company that you are going to be interviewed by, and have some questions prepared to ask about the company and/or the industry.


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