Recruiting @ Roux: The Internship

It is important to find a job that we can look forward to everyday, find reward in, and ultimately feel good about ourselves. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what company and what career will help these things become a reality. So when we look for a job, we peruse through websites, company mission statements, and job descriptions—anything that can help create the full picture.

Here at Roux Associates, we would like to help make that full picture as clear as possible by giving you the inside scoop from interns who lived through the process—seeking out Roux Associates, joining Roux, and how they have settled in and became a part of our team. Receiving insight from these interns can be valuable because partaking in an internship allows you to get a taste of a certain job or industry before you dive head first into a career.

Meghan Bruckman and Maddy Wax are students from Northeastern University of Boston, MA, and have taken the opportunity to do their co-op as Roux Associates Interns.

Meghan Bruckman found our company to be attractive because Roux gave her the sense that they value their employees. Not only that, but she has always had an interest in the environment, and Roux does positive work for the environment making this something she wants to do. As an intern, she takes part in many field and office activities to help her gain plenty of experience. She is able to see what environmental consulting and remediation is all about by reading up on ongoing projects, encountering them in the field, going through training, and seeing what operations and maintenance goes into the projects.

Meghan is learning a lot at Roux—not just by seeing, but also by doing. “It is important to have firsthand experience and it is helpful when reviewing material. I am learning a lot observing and having firsthand experience.” At Roux, we allow you to get as much direct experience as possible so you can learn and grow, as well as get to know what Roux Associates is all about. “I hope I can find my niche in the industry. I am interested in both aspects of the industry—overseeing project management and business development, as well as being in the field doing field work in the remediation industry. Roux is a good avenue to see both. It is a learning culture here which is extremely helpful.” As far as Meghan’s co-op, she really sees the benefit she is gaining by interning at Roux, “it’s important to have continued education and training. This is a great opportunity to have in advance of making your career choice.”

Maddy Wax has also had a positive experience with us thus far. “I was always interested in the environment and sustainability.” She has found Roux to be a place where it’s easy to learn and become part of a team. “At Roux, they are very supportive of their interns. You never feel lost and you can really go up to anyone to ask questions. You feel like a real employee at Roux. It is a happy and welcoming environment. Roux values their employees and makes it a good place to work at. You know your work is important and has impact. They invest in their interns and use a lot of their energy and time to help you and your training.” Here at Roux, we want to help you and mentor you. We believe in the growth of our interns and employees, and senior staff is always open to answer questions.

Maddy has found that environmental remediation is exactly what she wants to do. She wants to eventually make her way to project management. Her day to day at Roux involves sampling, quarterly reports, working with senior staff on litigation projects, and doing document reviews. She is able to see the “behind the scenes” efforts that are put into our projects, and this has given her a new perspective. According to Maddy, it’s pretty exciting to work here, “there are no two days that are the same. You never get bored here. There is not one day that I am not excited to come into work.” At Roux, you will delve into field work and office work and become a well-rounded person that not only is benefiting our company, but is also benefiting you and your career. “There is a variety of work at Roux. There are many different field activities and projects that you could focus on. You are all over the place which is great.”

Roux stands out from the rest. We really care about our employees and also care about the environment. We are passionate about our work and Meghan has so far seen that. “Of course with consulting—it is to be profitable and some firms focus on that 100%, but at Roux they care about that, as well as focus on the basics and understanding of the work. They are not just profit minded. There is diversity of work and trust in the employees, allowing them to do more than just focus on making a profit.” Meghan has found Roux to be an environment where she can learn and be safe, “there is an emphasis on learning and safety—these are two important values at Roux. It is very open and welcoming here.”

Maddy can see that our work matters to our employees, “the employees actually care about the environment and sustainability; it’s not just a job to people. People seem passionate about it. It is important in the company to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to have a role in the community. I like that about Roux.”

We hope that the insight from a couple of our interns helps give you a clear picture of what Roux is all about and how it would be to work here. We are proud of our company and embrace new thoughts and ideas that contribute to our impact. Innovation, hard work, and creativity are fueling forces that help us achieve our goals.

Whether you are a recent graduate who has worked hard to earn your degree, or an experienced professional looking for a company with the resources and interest to invest in your career, you will find the environment at Roux to be welcoming, challenging, and very rewarding—a place where your talents and skills can thrive.

We will always make room for and welcome talented and motivated engineers, scientists, and support personnel with backgrounds in environmental engineering, earth sciences, and civil and chemical engineering. If you are passionate about the environment, and would like to use your knowledge and skills in helping us solve our clients’ most challenging environmental problems, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

-Lauren Rosella,  Marketing Coordinator
Roux Associates, Inc.