Recruiting @ Roux: Schools & Career Fairs

As a recent graduate of undergraduate and graduate school, I can easily remember that figuring out what school and what career path to choose can be difficult. I remember asking myself—how do I choose a career and invest in something I’ve never done before? How do I know if I am going to like my choice in career? Can I truly know my passion before I really start learning about it? What school will best prepare me for the field I want to pursue?

To help answer these difficult questions, consider your interests, your goals, your abilities, and your talents. This can lead you to a field that you will enjoy working in and point you to a field that you can shine in and contribute to. The next step is to do research on schools and programs. With thorough research you will be able to confidently select what school and program is the best fit for pursuing your career. Getting an education at a quality school is also something to take into account.

A highly accredited school in your field can have a large influence on your entire career path. When applying for a job or internship, your alma mater can be considered heavily when an organization is making a decision on hiring you. A strong education gives you knowledge which can lead to opportunity.

The U.S News & World Report released “Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs Rankings” that lists the top undergraduate schools from a survey in 2014, for engineering programs. You can click here to view the article.

If you want to attend graduate school to further your skills in environmental engineering, the U.S News & World Report also released “Best Grad Schools Engineering 2016” that lists the top 10 ranked schools for Environmental / Environmental Health Engineering. You can click here to view this article.

Reviewing lists like these is a great starting point for researching and choosing a school with the right program for you. Being proactive in your search to pursue your interests and skills takes you steps closer to where you want to be.

Roux Associates, Inc. is a professional services firm providing a broad range of consulting and project management services to solve complex environmental issues associated with air, water and land.  We have been providing these services to an impressive list of Fortune 500 and public sector clients nationwide for over 30 years through six offices, which are located in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

We welcome engineers, scientists, and support personnel with backgrounds in environmental engineering, earth sciences, and civil and chemical engineering. If you have an interest in Roux Associates, visit our Careers page to view available positions and to learn more about working at Roux.

When considering schools and career paths, it is also extremely beneficial to attend career fairs if you want to meet future employers and learn about the industry you may want to pursue. Below is a list of career fairs we will be attending:

Tufts University Career Fair

Thayer School of Engineering @ Dartmouth – 19th Annual Career Fair:

University of New Hampshire – Career & Internship Fair

Drexel University – Fall Career Fair

The University of Maine – Engineering Job Fair

Columbia University – Engineering Consortium Career Fair 2015

Check out our Recruiting Calendar to view more details on these events.