Pure Earth Founder Publishes Book, “The Brown Agenda”

Richard Fuller, founder of Pure Earth, a New York based charity and Roux Associates CSR partner, recently published a book, The Brown Agenda: My Mission To Clean Up The World’s Most Life-Threatening Pollution.

“In this vivid account of his perilous travels to the earth’s most toxic locations, Fuller introduces readers to the plight of the ‘poisoned poor,’ and suggests specific ways people everywhere can help combat pollution all over the world.”

The Brown Agenda details Fuller’s journey from traveling to the Amazon to save the rain forest, to creating and establishing the non-for-profit organization, Pure Earth. His book brings life-threatening toxic pollution to the forefront of environmental issues.

“Turning ‘brown’ into ‘green’ has become a necessary journey for all of us as resource pressures are compounded by the ultimate threat intensifier—climate change. This story, a life’s work, shows the difference we can make if we all make it our business.”—Rachel Kyte, Vice President, World Bank

The Australian author received his engineering degree from Melbourne University, and in 1988 he pursued his work to combat environmental issues around the world.  Fuller has experience with the preservation of Brazilian rainforests, has established a sustainable consulting company called Great Forest Inc. in New York City, and in 1999, Fuller founded Blacksmith Institute, which today is called Pure Earth. Pure Earth works to solve issues involving toxic pollution in the poorest of countries. Fuller and his organization have remediated more than 75 toxic sites word-wide and are considered leading experts on toxic issues.

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