Power Plants

  • Utility Power Station

    Power Company; Massachusetts

    Roux Associates investigated whether an ash landfill cell was impacting wetlands at this site. A potential risk was found based upon food chain modeling. Following the Massachusetts Solid Waste Regulations, an Alternatives Analysis determined that No Further Action was needed for the wetlands. The Massachusetts DEP concurred, resulting in a savings of over $10,000,000.

  • Storm Sewer Upgrade

    Power Company; Illinois

    Roux Associates designed and oversaw improvements to an aging storm sewer conveyance and treatment system. Investigations included televising, cleaning and mapping to identify the condition and cross-connections associated with over 15,000 linear feet of storm sewer piping. Improvements included replacement of 2,500 linear-feet of piping and an addition of two oil-water separator systems.

  • Multiple Clients

    Generating Company; Multiple Locations

    Roux Associates has provided a variety of services at power generating plants including: emergency response to releases; preparing and updating SPCC plans; preparing comments to proposed federal and state regulations (including the Bevill Amendment); providing regulatory compliance assistance; and performing routine inspections for SPCC, FRP, and SWPPP and hazardous waste regulations.

  • Air Permit Compliance Support

    Energy Company; Illinois & Massachusetts

    Roux Associates provided air permit compliance support for gas, oil and coal fired power generating plants in New England and Illinois. These services included: compliance tracking and certification; emissions reporting; permit renewals; regulatory applicability reviews; and, permitting for new equipment, including equipment to control NOx emissions (SNCR) and mercury emissions from coal fired power plants.

  • Brayton Point Station

    Energy Company; Massachusetts

    Roux Associates investigations included: whether oil ash landfills cells were leaking; the impacts on soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and flora and fauna; and an assessment of potential future risk to humans and the environment. Results met the requirements of the Massachusetts Solid Waste Regulations and were presented as part of a public hearing.

  • Generating Station

    Generating Station; Illinois

    Roux Associates is providing air permit and compliance support for a large “refined coal” power plant in the mid-west. Roux’s support involves preparation of comprehensive construction and operating permit applications for the installation of the refined coal technology. The applications include calculations of potential and actual emissions, as well as a process flow diagram illustrating the configuration of the refined coal equipment. Extensive support is also given during performance testing and initial operation of the new pollution control devices.

Additional Projects