Phosphorus Treatment for Food Processing Wastewater

M. Hillebrenner, PE, CPESC, Principal Engineer, Roux Associates, Inc.

Presented at the: 2013 MWFPA Annual Convention and Processing Crops Conference, December 3 – 5, 2013, Milwaukee, WI

With excess nutrient loading in surface waters a top concern with regulators and Phosphorous TMDLs being implemented across the United States, economical Phosphorous treatment is a priority for the food industry.  A case study evaluating Phosphorous removal in process wastewater generated by a vegetable washing and processing facility will be provided. The proposed presentation will include a discussion on the following:

  • The profile and treatability of Phosphorus in food process wastewaters;

  • The application of Engineered Natural System (ENS) treatment technologies as a sustainable alternative to conventional treatment methods for Phosphorous removal;

  • The mechanisms at work in Natural Media Filtration; and

  • A Case Study of a Midwest Food Processing Facility – highlighting the bench-scale pilot testing and proposed treatment system design and installation.

Based on the full understanding of the profile and treatability of Phosphorous, a well-designed Natural Media Filter (NMF) can prove to be a sustainable solution to cost-effectively managing Phosphorous levels in food process wastewaters.

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