Life at Roux

Whether you are a recent graduate who has worked hard to earn your degree, or an experienced professional looking for a company with the resources and interest to invest in your career, you will find life at Roux Associates challenging, safe, and ultimately very rewarding.

Senior management’s doors are always open, everyone’s ideas are welcome, and decisions can be made and acted upon quickly. In addition, we provide an employee mentoring program where senior managers and more junior employees meet in a casual one-on-one setting to discuss the management and financial aspects of the firm and the industry.

It is in everyone’s best interest for our employees to develop their skills and advance professionally as quickly as possible. Roux Associates is a growing firm and we much prefer to recruit for the entry level and fill our senior positions by promoting from within. To achieve this, Roux Associates’ encourages employees to commit to continuous education, self-improvement, and professional licensing. Ongoing employee training and opportunities for professional development hours are available through a combination of in-house seminars, vendor presentations, e-learning classes, webinars, and external training programs. Ongoing career development is also encouraged through active participation in career-based organizations, attendance and presentation at professional conferences, and preparation of scientific papers. Professional licensing is also highly encouraged and supported by the firm.

Employee Comments

“Roux provides the opportunity to grow and gain new skills in a variety of contexts, from groundwater sampling in Brooklyn, to insurance and litigation in Chicago. Each project is different and challenges you to think on your feet. The variety of work keeps me engaged every day.”
– Rebecca, Staff Geologist
Hired 2016

“The projects we work on are never cookie-cutter. They always present unique challenges that keep even our veteran employees on their toes. It’s refreshing to know that thirty years down the road in my career, I will still be learning new things every day.”
– Rachel, Project Scientist
Hired 2014

“At Roux, each day is more interesting than the last. There are always new projects rolling in, and you get to work with pretty much everyone. There is no divide between the staff and the executives—you truly get that close-knit feel of a small firm, and that extends well beyond the office.”
– Crystal, Staff Engineer
Hired 2015

“Roux works on a variety of projects for many different clients. This helps you gain valuable work experience. Every day is something different; one day you can be out in the field sampling, and the next day you can be in the office analyzing data. Roux is a great company for a career.”
– Ron, Project Geologist
Hired 2012

“I really enjoy the technical work. You can see the end result of your work, as well as the big picture, which leaves you feeling satisfied.”
– Laura, Project Hydrogeologist
Hired 2013

“We have highly experienced and smart people working in a wide range of fields. At Roux, you are able to grow and work your way from entry level to the top. People want to stay and continue working here.”
– Michael, Office Manager/Principal Hydrogeologist
Hired 2008

“The best part about Roux Associates is its cooperative nature. We are a mid-sized company with a family feel. Starting as a Staff Hydrogeologist, to becoming a Project Hydrogeologist, and now a Principal Hydrogeologist, I am still challenged and continue to grow as a consultant.”
– Christopher, Vice President/Principal Hydrogeologist
Hired 2002

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