• Wastewater Treatment

    Metal Manufacturing Facility; Saudi Arabia

    Roux Associates designed and installed a 23-acre Engineered Natural System (ENS®) to treat 1.4 million gallons per day of wastewaters (sanitary, process and stormwater) generated from a 3,000 acre aluminum facility.

  • Soil Treatment System Design

    Chemical Manufacturing Facility; Brazil

    Roux Associates designed a soil vapor extraction and treatment system to remove up to six feet of separate phase product at this operating plant. Roux provided an analysis of alternatives; engineering design; assistance with selection of subcontractors; oversight during installation and startup of the system; and training of the Client’s operating personnel.

  • Stormwater & Constructed Treatment Wetlands

    Metal Smelter; Iceland

    Roux Associates designed an Engineered Natural System (ENS®) to treat stormwater runoff from a 200-acre metal smelter. The ENS® collects stormwater runoff from production/industrial areas to provide pretreatment via vegetated swales and engineered soil profiles. Water is then conveyed to two CTWs for detention and treatment prior to discharge to the fjord.

  • Groundwater Remediation

    Electronics Manufacturer; Taiwan

    Roux Associates designed, installed and operates a remedial system to address groundwater contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) across an 18-acre site in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Using enhanced reductive dechlorination, which stimulates naturally occurring microbes to degrade CVOCs in an anaerobic environment, 96% of the CVOC mass has been removed after five years.

  • Environmental Audits

    Corporate Client; Japan

    Roux Associates conducted detailed environmental audits of several chemical storage and distribution facilities in Tokyo for an International corporate client. Evaluations included: chemical storage procedures; waste disposal practices; historical site uses; known environmental contamination; and the potential for future impacts of air, water and soil. Cost estimates to remediate existing and potential future impacts were developed.

  • Abandoned Oil Well Investigation

    International Non-profit Organization; Peru

    Our firm investigated contamination from abandoned oil extraction wells that were reported to discharge metal, oil, and salt contamination into nearby water and soil, ultimately draining to Lake Titicaca. Roux's Engineered Natural Systems team developed remediation plans to address the arsenic contaminated soil (e.g., capping and containment) and reduce impacts to the surrounding community and ecosystem.

Additional Projects