Innovative Zero-Discharge Natural Treatment Systems for Industrial Facilities

Many industrial facilities generate, manage, and discharge large quantities of wastewater.  The cost of freshwater in some regions, increasingly stringent discharge requirements, and growing demand to meet sustainability metrics creates a need for alternative wastewater treatment methods that result in little to no discharge.

One of these attractive alternatives is zero-discharge treatment systems that manage 100% of the wastewater that is generated at the facility through treatment and reuse by the facility. The components of a zero-discharge treatment system vary depending on the wastewater quality and quantity and on the ultimate desired reuse. Potential opportunities for water reuse include facility process water, facility/vehicle wash-water, firefighting water, dust control, irrigation water, and even wildlife habitat creation.  These treatment systems can reduce the risk of non-compliance associated with direct discharge and provide significant cost savings in areas where freshwater is scarce and procurement of freshwater for facility operations is expensive.

As many conventional zero-discharge treatment systems are inefficient, energy intensive, and costly, natural treatment technologies can provide superior treatment efficiency and cost savings.  For example, Roux Associates designed a 1.4 million gallon per day zero-discharge wastewater treatment system for an industrial facility in the Middle East.  The system consisted of a blend of conventional wastewater treatment technologies (sedimentation tanks, an oil water separator, and a UV disinfection system) with innovative natural treatment technologies, including constructed treatment wetlands and media filters. The effluent from the system is reused in the manufacturing process and for irrigation, thus reducing water demand by over a million gallons per day and saving more than $7 million USD annually that would otherwise be used to purchase freshwater.  In addition, the treatment system is estimated to save the facility over $1 million USD annually in operating costs. To view other projects, click here.

Our innovative zero-discharge natural treatment system designs are cost-effective and efficient solutions that can help you meet your treatment needs and solve your wastewater challenges at industrial facilities.

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