Gregory D. Martin,


  • Vice President
  • Principal Hydrogeologist

Mr. Gregory D. Martin, P.G., LSRP is a Principal Hydrogeologist and Vice President with Roux Associates, Inc. Mr. Martin has over 25 years of direct experience conducting site investigation and remediation activities under various State programs including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. He has completed hundreds of projects with varied contaminants including LNAPL/petroleum hydrocarbons, DNAPL/chlorinated solvents, PCBs, and metals. He is a graduate of Colgate University with a Bachelor’s degree in geology. He is a Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania and licensed by New Jersey for Underground Storage Tanks (subsurface and closure) and as a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). Mr. Martin also serves as on the Executive Committee of the Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA). Mr. Martin has been retained as an expert and testified on matters related to sources of onsite and background contamination, timing of contamination, allocation of responsibility, adequacy of investigation and/or remediation, and reasonableness of past/future costs. Mr. Martin has provided testimony in court, in mediation and in sworn depositions. In several cases Mr. Martin also submitted affidavits containing technical analysis of data and expert opinions.

Representative Projects

  • NJ Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA): Mr. Martin has implemented and managed over 100 ISRA projects in NJ ranging in scope from small manufacturing facilities to 100-acre industrial operations.
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP): Active involvement in the development of the rules, regulations and guidance documents developed under the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) through his involvement as a member of the Executive Board of the LSRPA. Currently serves as the LSRP of record on several “new” and “opt-in” cases.
  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons: Mr. Martin has conducted site investigation and/or remediation at several hundred petroleum hydrocarbon sites ranging from retail service stations to 100-acre facilities.
  • Bedrock/Chlorinated Solvents: Mr. Martin has completed investigation and remediation projects in complex bedrock settings for various contaminants including metals, petroleum hydrocarbons/LNAPL and chlorinated solvents/DNAPL. Projects have been completed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Representative Expert Retentions

  • Allison, et al v. ExxonMobil Corporation (Deposition testimony dates: 7/21/09 and 3/26/10; Trial testimony dates: 5/19/11 and 5/23/11).
  • Trinity Industries, Inc. and Trinity Railcar Corporation v. Chicago Bridge and Iron Company (Deposition date: 5/20/11).
  • Alban, et al v. ExxonMobil Corporation (Trial testimony dates: 2/9/09, 2/10/09 and 2/11/09).
  • Magic Petroleum Corporation v. Exxon Mobil Corporation, et al. (Deposition date: 6/11/07).
  • Pharmacia (f/k/a Monsanto Company) v. Motor Carrier Services Corp., et al. (Deposition date: 12/15/05; Trial testimony date: 1/3/07).
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company v. Black & Decker Corp., et al. (Deposition dates: 10/21/99, 10/27/03).
  • American Home Products, Inc. v. Adriatic Insurance Company. (Deposition dates: 10/20/00, 5/8/03).
  • Pfizer Inc v. Employers Insurance of Wausau. (Deposition date: 3/7/01).
  • Merck & Co. v. Federal Insurance Company, et al. (Deposition date: 12/6/99).
  • PQ Corporation v. Carleton Center Investors, LLC. (Testimony date: 8/13/99).
  • Waste Management, Inc. v. Admiral Insurance Co., et al. (Deposition dates: 5/28/97, 5/29/97, 7/1/97, 7/10/97, 9/9/97, 9/10/97).
  • B.A., Geology
  • Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
Areas of Expertise
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Site Investigation and Remediation
  • Environmental Forensics
  • Allocation Assessment
  • Standard of Care Assessment