Get Wild on Ecological Enhancements

Underutilized properties – closed remediation sites, vacant lands, closed landfills, and even corporate landscaped areas, can become valuable resources to the surrounding community and ecosystem. As part of our Ecological Services, Roux provides ecological design services to cost effectively improve the wildlife habitat quality of these underutilized corporate lands while also blending them into the surrounding landscape.

Investment in these habitat improvement projects will:

• Add wildlife value to the land;
• Strengthen relations with the community, regulators and stakeholders;
• Enhance brand reputation;
• Encourage employee involvement in voluntary outreach programs; and
• Provide a platform for employee recruitment and retention.

Roux can provide ecological design services for both active and inactive facilities of varying acreage to tailor a wildlife habitat enhancement program that fits the needs of existing land concerns and future land management goals.

Potential wildlife enhancement projects can be as simple as:

• Planting wildflowers for pollinators;
• Sustainable forest management;
• Planting native grass species for ground nesting birds; and
• Providing habitat and housing for bat colonies.

Not only do these services reap ecological benefits, but they allow our clients to become eligible to obtain certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) – a national organization that focuses on habitat conservation and management through business partnerships and education. WHC has been certifying voluntary management of natural resources on corporate lands for 26 years. Certifications include WHC Wildlife and Work and Corporate Lands for Learning. To learn more about the benefits of WHC, click here.

Roux is proficient in working with a variety of environments ranging from freshwater wetlands and tidal wetlands, to riparian ecosystems, and grassland and woodland habitats. If you would like to learn more about Roux’s Ecological Services, please click here for more information.