Don’t Forget About Ecological Risk

Don’t Forget About Ecological Risk

Agencies May Require both Human Health and Ecological Risk Evaluation

Ecological Risk Assessments (ERAs) are performed to evaluate whether particular environmental conditions (e.g., chemical contamination in soil, surface water, sediment, or biota) pose a risk to ecological resources and their associated ecosystems. ERAs are usually a required part of environmental projects to evaluate ecological impacts associated with environmental contamination at both USEPA-led and state-led sites.

Roux Associates has staff skilled in conducting ERAs and other ecological services for numerous types of facilities across the country. We can offer a full range of ecological services to successfully evaluate, interpret, and communicate ecological risks associated with chemical and physical stressors.

Our Ecological Risk Assessment services include:

  • Specialized sediment sampling, analyses, and techniques to evaluate contaminant distribution and bioavailability, such as:
    • Undisturbed sediment coring;
    • Benthic habitat assessments and population surveys;
    • Total organic carbon and contaminant partitioning; and
    • Acid Volatile Sulfide and Simultaneously Extracted Metals (AVS-SEM) analysis.
  • Terrestrial habitat assessments
  • Collection of benthic invertebrates, fish, and terrestrial organisms for body burden analyses
  • Sampling for toxicity tests for whole sediment, pore water, surface water, and soil
  • Qualitative and quantitative surveys of benthic invertebrates
  • Food Web Assessments
  • Screening Level (SLERA) and Baseline (BERA) Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Ecological mitigation and restoration

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