Seven Tips to Prepare for 2016

The approaching end of any year brings about many to-do lists, festivities, and reflections. We scurry around to prepare for the holidays, connect with family and friends, think back on our year—the good and the bad—and think about what New Year’s resolutions we want to strive for.

In the midst of thinking about our personal life goals, we should also focus on our performance at work and what goals we want to pursue in our job. Sometimes it can be difficult to start that self-evaluation and brainstorming process.

I wanted to share with you some tips that help me prepare for the New Year:

Start the year with a clean slate…

Clean out that desk

Organization can help clear your mind. Clean off the top of your desk and clean out the desk drawers. Get rid of anything hanging around that is no longer needed. File away anything important that you will need in the future or need to keep a record of. Folders and labels are a big help. Make 2015 labels and begin archiving! Also, begin setting up your 2016 files.

Personalizing your desk is also important. Put up photos of your family or the special people in your life. Tack up inspiring quotes. If you have done this already, then revamp your space with new photos and quotes from the year. It’s the simple touches that can motivate you and get your creative juices flowing.

Clean out your email

Delete unwanted email and archive email that is needed for future use. With a cleaner inbox you’ll start the year less overwhelmed. Use folders to organize your tasks and projects. In these folders, file away the necessary received as well as sent emails so you can follow your conversation. This can help in future situations whether you need to remember important information, find attachments, or need clarification; you have your full conversations to fall back on.

Ask for a mentoring session

Ask your manager or a fellow colleague for a mentoring session. They can give you tips or feedback on your performance in the workplace. Welcome both compliments and helpful critiques. This can help you focus on your approach and work ethic at the start of 2016. You can start on the right foot knowing if you need to alter or strengthen any aspect of your work approach. Plan for a 6-month review meeting with your mentor to touch base and go over your progress since the start of the New Year.


Write down all your accomplishments from the last year. What did you do that made it a success? What did you learn? What are you proud of? It is always good to look back on our successes and see what worked for us and what we should continue to pursue doing in the future.

Sometimes the greater lesson can be analyzing what did not go as well. Write down what may not have been a success. What made it fall short? What can you improve on? Try to focus on aspects of your job that you can improve on and focus on those for the upcoming year.

Educate yourself

Education is a great way to improve your knowledge of the field you are in. New knowledge can help you set new goals and go for them.


Set goals and objectives…


Think about: What do you want to do in the future differently? What new approaches do you want to try? Are there new projects that you want to start? What will better you as a person? What will better your company? Set proactive goals that will benefit you and your company.


And don’t forget…

Network yourself

Do you use LinkedIn? It’s a great way to connect with colleagues, past colleagues, future connections and more in the business world. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and showcases your best qualities. Join business related groups and join the conversation. Use your social media channels to grow connections and stay in the loop on current industry news.

Take time to celebrate with your family and friends and relax!

It is important to spend time with our loved ones during the holidays. Make sure you take that time. This in itself is also a great way to reflect and refresh for 2016.

The Roux Family and I would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

-Lauren Rosella, Marketing Coordinator

December Donations

Roux Associates has given back in many ways this holiday season. Below are a few of our donations this December:

CSR-LI Head Start Logo-135x140                       Toys for Tots 135x135

  • We have donated toys to Long Island Head Start, an organization that provides high quality, comprehensive child development and family support services for children as they enter into kindergarten, as well as to US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program that provides gifts to under-privileged children in local communities for the holidays.

Pay It Forward Long Island

  • Pay It Forward Long Island identifies kids in need and provides a wish list from a specific child that without the support will not receive any presents this holiday season. Roux Associates has participated in the Adopt A Child program for the holidays by adopting 7 children in need.

Pure Earth - Blacksmith Insitute

  • Roux Associates has donated $1,500 to Pure Earth, an organization that cleans up poor communities around the world that are contaminated with toxic pollutants. As an environmental consulting and management firm, Roux Associates realizes the importance of global support for taking care of environmental challenges.


CSR- 2015 LI Head Start Donations

Photo: Long Island Head Start Donations

NY State Proposes New Regulation to Improve Air Quality and Meet Federal Air Quality Standards

New York State proposed a new regulation that puts limits on emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter that are generated by diesel generators and natural gas-fired engines. While the proposed regulation will serve to improve air quality across New York State, it could have a significant impact on the businesses who will be subject to the proposed rule.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s public comment period for the proposed rule will last through February 18, 2016.

If you would like to learn more about the proposed rule to improve air quality, click here.