CSR Spotlight: Napa Valley Ragnar 2018

Determined runners from several of our Roux offices gathered in San Francisco to race the 2018 Napa Valley Ragnar. The Ragnar race is a ~200 mile relay that begins on a Friday in San Francisco, runs through the night, and finishes Saturday afternoon in Napa Valley, so each runner takes on multiple legs of the relay. Ragnar has partnered with Girls on the Run Sonoma CountyLifehouse, and Ainsley’s Angels, and the race raised over 2.3 million dollars last year.

Our team started out with 12 runners and some could not complete the race due to personal reasons—leaving the longest 13 mile leg of the race still to go. The Roux team refused to give up, dividing the long leg among three runners, and ultimately completing the race with only 9 team members thanks to their determination and persistence.

One of the team captains, Adam Love, shared his experience:

“What started as a difficult task got progressively harder as the race progressed—both as we got more tired and the miles necessary to run got longer. Through it all there were no complaints and no negativity—just strategizing and problem solving among all the team members about how we could band together to still get to the finish line. We all shared parts of the heavier load and were still able to laugh about our dilemma and enjoy still being in it.”

Each member of the Roux team demonstrated their grit during this race, and we’re proud to have such tenacious workers on our side both on the racetrack and in the office.

Roux’s Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 4 Roux is sponsoring the Chicago Real Estate Council’s (CREC) Holiday Event from 5:30-7:30pm. The Chicago Real Estate Council is a resource networking organization comprised of a diverse group of professionals in Chicago’s commercial real estate industry. Read more

Tuesday, December 4 – Thursday, December 6 We will be exhibiting at the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) New York Deal Making Event, the largest real estate event on the East Coast for networking, deal making, and professional development. Members of Roux’s New York headquarters will exhibit at Booth #2723, we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 5 Roux’s Joshua Levine, P.E. will be speaking at the New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) upcoming CLE program, Brownfield/Superfund Update 2018, sponsored by the Environmental and Energy Law Section and the Committee on Continuing Legal Education of the NYSBA. This NYSBA CLE program class will provide 4 MLCE credits in Areas of Professional Practice.

Mr. Levine will be providing an update on Federal issues associated with the convergence of Opportunity Zones and Brownfield Sites. For the program agenda and materials, please click here.

Ash Pond Newsletter: Issues 3 & 4

Below you’ll find Issues 3 and 4 of our monthly Ash Pond Newsletter. These newsletters comprise collections of ash pond news from the months of October and November. The intent of this newsletter is to summarize news regarding ash pond closure activities, lawsuits filed against utilities relating to their ash ponds, as well as regulatory changes impacting ash pond operations or closures.

Volume 1, Issue 3 – October

Volume 1, Issue 4 – November

Roux Ash Pond Newsletter

Michael Hillebrenner to Speak at CICI Seminar

Wednesday, November 28 The Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) will host a Water/Wastewater Seminar from 7:30am to 12:30pm, including a full buffet breakfast. CICI is a state-wide business trade group that represents the interests of the chemical industry.

Michael Hillebrenner, P.E., CPESC of our Oak Brook, Illinois office will present on Sustainable Industrial Stormwater. Mr. Hillebrenner will be one of six speakers, each representing different perspectives and water-related topics. To learn more and register, please click here


Complimentary Roux Webinar: How Much Did You Say Nature is Worth?

How Much Did You Say Nature is Worth? Monetizing the Environment and Natural Resources

Thursday, November 29th • 2pm EST
Presented by: Ryan Stifter, M.S., Director, Economics & Complex Analytics

Ever wonder just how dollar values are assigned to preserving natural amenities, or improvements in environmental quality, or changes in the level of services natural resources provide? Has anyone ever asked you what you would be “willing-to-pay” for non-polluted beaches, cleaner air, preserving salmon habitat, or increased river flow rates? While it is generally acknowledged that environmental goods and services are not purchased in the traditional marketplaces everyone is familiar with, determinations of their monetary value are made all the time.

This webinar will introduce the valuation concepts and drill down some into the methods applied to monetizing these hard-to-value goods and services. With the basics in hand, this webinar will describe important aspects of understanding and evaluating monetary valuations to determine the answers necessary to help your client obtain compensation or resolve liabilities sooner, and for an amount that has a rational basis. This will be demonstrated using case studies emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of valuation methods and common pitfalls.

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Roux Associates

Ryan Stifter is a Senior Economist and Director in Roux’s Economic & Complex Analytics (ECA) Practice, providing advisory, litigation support, and expert witness services on economic aspects of commercial and environmental litigation, insurance claims, regulatory and management policy, regulatory enforcement, and strategic business decisions involving the environment and natural resources, agriculture and food processing, energy, industrial products, and financial services. Mr. Stifter has provided expert testimony, expert technical consulting, case management, and quantitative economic research support for attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies, industry associations, and both public and private corporations. Mr. Stifter has developed technical expertise within applied microeconomics, agricultural economics, environmental and natural resource economics, industrial organization, and applied econometrics through graduate academic training and involvement with numerous consulting studies, including several high-profile engagements.

Smarter, Faster Evaluation of Environmental Claim Costs

Save Time and Money with Automated Invoice Workflow

Evaluation of past costs is a major undertaking for many cost recovery cases, especially if the claim is not well-documented. Manually entering data from thousands of invoices to evaluate, categorize, and allocate past costs is archaic and inefficient. To reduce turnaround times and to meet increasingly demanding schedules, Roux now leverages artificial intelligence algorithms and invoice processing software to automate data recognition and extraction from invoices.

Over the past 30 years, Roux has evaluated thousands of environmental claims and billions of dollars of invoices while constantly evolving to incorporate the latest available technologies. By utilizing various cutting-edge applications, data entry times and the associated costs have been reduced by upwards of 30% the cost categorization phase of many projects. Automation of data entry sets Roux apart with the ability to scale up and process tens of thousands of invoices under one roof. Moreover, transposition errors resulting from manual data entry are eliminated and potential transcription errors are automatically flagged for human verification, increasing the accuracy of the final work product. Ultimately, this advanced approach results in a smarter, faster, and more efficient evaluation at a lesser cost to you. To learn more, please click here.